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Mastering Argumentative Essays: 200 Topic Ideas for College Students in 2023

An argumentative essay is a type of academic writing that requires the writer to present and defend a particular stance on a topic using evidence and logical reasoning. The goal of this type of essay is to persuade the reader to accept the writer's viewpoint or to take action on the issue being discussed. This form of writing requires the writer to be well-versed in critical thinking, research, and analysis. The characteristics of argumentative essays include a clear thesis statement, logical structure, and strong supporting evidence. This type of essay is relevant in academic and real-world settings as it allows individuals to articulate and defend their beliefs and opinions on important issues.

Features of Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays require the writer to present and defend a specific viewpoint using evidence and logical reasoning. They require critical thinking, research, and analysis, and are relevant in academic and real-world settings. Some of its features include:

  1. Requires the writer to present and defend a particular stance on a topic
  2. Utilizes evidence and sound logical reasoning to convincingly sway the reader.
  3. Involves critical thinking, research, and analysis
  4. Includes a clear thesis statement and logical structure
  5. Requires strong supporting evidence
  6. Relevant in academic and real-world settings
  7. Allows individuals to articulate and defend their beliefs and opinions on important issues
  8. Helps develop critical thinking and communication skills
  9. Can be used to advocate for social change or policy reform
  10. Provides an opportunity for individuals to engage in meaningful discourse and debate.

Argumentative Essay Writing: Steps

To write a compelling argumentative essay, one must follow a set of important steps, including selecting a topic from a wide range of options. For instance, one can choose from the extensive list of 280 argumentative essay topics, which cover various subjects and issues. Once a topic is selected, the next step involves conducting thorough research to gather relevant information and evidence to support the writer's viewpoint. Developing a clear and concise thesis statement is crucial, as it serves as the central argument of the essay. To organize thoughts and ideas, creating an outline helps in structuring the essay and ensuring that all essential points are covered. With the outline in place, writers can proceed to write a rough draft, where they can express their opinions and present their arguments coherently. It is essential to use credible sources to back up the claims and ensure the information presented is reliable. While writing the final draft, writers must revise and edit the essay meticulously. This step involves checking for clarity, logical flow, grammar, and punctuation errors. Moreover, it is important to address counterarguments and provide a well-rounded perspective on the topic. By following these systematic steps and utilizing the extensive list of 280 argumentative essay topics, writers can effectively present their viewpoints, support their arguments with credible evidence, and engage readers in a thoughtful discussion.

Argumentative Essay Topic Selection

The selection of the appropriate topic for your argumentative essay holds significant importance. It sets the tone for your entire paper and determines how well you can present and defend your viewpoint. When selecting a topic, it's important to choose something that you are passionate about and that has enough credible sources to support your argument. Brainstorm a list of potential topics, research them, and narrow down your choices to the most compelling and relevant ones. Keep in mind that the topic should be debatable and have two opposing viewpoints. With the right topic, you'll be able to effectively persuade your reader and showcase your critical thinking and research skills. A few more pointers to bear in mind:

  1. When choosing a topic, take into account your audience and their areas of interest.
  2. Avoid choosing a topic that is too broad or too narrow
  3. Check for any specific requirements or guidelines provided by your instructor or assignment prompt
  4. Keep up with current events and trends to find relevant and timely topics
  5. Consider the potential impact and implications of your argument on society and individuals
  6. Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo and present a unique perspective on a topic
  7. Use credible sources to support your argument and avoid using biased or unreliable sources.

Argumentative Essay Ideas List for 2023

Looking for interesting and relevant argumentative essay topics for 2023? Look no further than our curated list! We've compiled a variety of topics under different subheadings, including health fads, party culture, higher education, artificial intelligence, sports, international politics, and much more. Check out our list and find the perfect topic for your next assignment or essay.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Health Fads in 2023

  1. Is the keto diet a healthy and sustainable option for weight loss?
  2. Should people be required to get vaccinated in order to attend school or work?
  3. Are gluten-free products actually healthier, or is it just a marketing ploy?
  4. Should fast food restaurants be required to display calorie counts on their menus?
  5. Is intermittent fasting a safe and effective weight loss method?
  6. Should the government regulate the use of supplements and vitamins?
  7. Are plant-based diets better for the environment, and should we all switch to them?
  8. Should schools ban the sale of sugary drinks and snacks?
  9. Is organic food really worth the extra cost?
  10. Should smoking be banned in public places to promote healthier living?
  11. Should people be allowed to sue fast food chains for causing obesity and related health problems?
  12. Is the rise of plant-based meat alternatives a positive trend for health and sustainability?
  13. Should genetically modified foods be banned, or are they safe to consume?
  14. Is the use of artificial sweeteners a healthy alternative to sugar?
  15. Should restaurants be required to disclose the amount of salt and fat in their meals?
  16. Is the use of probiotics and prebiotics a legitimate way to improve gut health?
  17. Should people be allowed to purchase prescription drugs from other countries to save money on healthcare costs?
  18. Is the use of CBD products a safe and effective way to treat anxiety and other conditions?
  19. Should the government regulate the use of energy drinks, or are they safe for consumption?
  20. Is the trend of drinking celery juice every morning actually beneficial for health, or is it just a passing fad?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Party Culture

  1. Should colleges and universities ban fraternities and sororities due to their association with excessive partying and hazing?
  2. Is drinking alcohol a necessary part of the college party scene, or can people have just as much fun without it?
  3. Should parents be held responsible for providing alcohol to underage drinkers at their house parties?
  4. Is underage drinking a serious problem, or is it a rite of passage that most people go through?
  5. Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18, or is it important to keep it at 21?
  6. Should bars and clubs be held liable for the actions of their intoxicated patrons?
  7. Is binge drinking a dangerous trend that needs to be addressed, or is it just a harmless part of college life?
  8. Should designated drivers be rewarded in some way for their responsible behavior?
  9. Is the use of drugs such as marijuana and cocaine a common occurrence at parties, and should it be tolerated?
  10. Should police crack down more harshly on underage drinking and party-related crimes?
  11. Is the rise of music festivals and large-scale events contributing to a more dangerous party culture?
  12. Should college athletes be held to a higher standard when it comes to partying and behavior off the field?
  13. Is sexual assault a common occurrence at college parties, and what can be done to prevent it?
  14. Should party hosts be required to provide non-alcoholic options for their guests, or is it up to each individual to decide what they want to drink?
  15. Is the use of party drugs, such as MDMA and ecstasy, a growing concern for the safety of partygoers, and how can it be addressed?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Higher Education in 2023

  1. Should college tuition be free for all students, or should it be based on income level?
  2. Is the traditional four-year college model still relevant in today's job market, or are alternative education options becoming more popular?
  3. Should colleges and universities be required to offer more courses on practical skills, such as finance and budgeting?
  4. Is the rise of online learning and MOOCs (massive open online courses) a positive trend for higher education, or is it devaluing the college experience?
  5. Should student loan forgiveness programs be expanded, or is it unfair to those who paid off their loans without assistance?
  6. Is the pressure to attend a prestigious university worth the cost, or are there other factors to consider when choosing a college?
  7. Should universities be allowed to consider race and ethnicity in their admissions process, or is it discriminatory?
  8. Should colleges and universities be required to disclose the true cost of attendance, including hidden fees and expenses?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Education

  1. Should schools be required to offer classes on financial literacy?
  2. Is homeschooling a viable alternative to traditional schooling?
  3. Should standardized testing be abolished in schools?
  4. Is technology in the classroom beneficial or detrimental to students' learning?
  5. Should schools be required to provide healthy lunch options for students?
  6. Is school dress code necessary or does it infringe on students' freedom of expression?
  7. Should physical education be a mandatory class in all grade levels?
  8. Should teachers be allowed to carry firearms in schools for student safety?
  9. Is the current sex education curriculum effective, or should it be updated?
  10. Should schools be required to teach students about mental health and provide resources for support?
  11. Is censorship of books and literature in schools necessary, or does it limit intellectual freedom?
  12. Should school uniforms be mandatory for all students?
  13. Should teachers be required to undergo regular mental health screenings?
  14. Is the current grading system effective in measuring student achievement, or should alternative grading methods be considered?
  15. Should schools be required to teach students about cultural diversity and inclusivity?
  16. Is year-round schooling a better alternative to the traditional summer break?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Modern History


  1. Did the United States do enough to prevent the Rwandan genocide?
  2. Was the Vietnam War a necessary conflict, or did it cause more harm than good?
  3. Should the United States have entered World War II earlier, or did its delayed involvement save lives?
  4. Was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified, or was it a war crime?
  5. Should Confederate monuments be removed from public spaces, or should they be preserved as historical artifacts?
  6. Was the Civil Rights Movement successful in achieving its goals, or is there still work to be done?
  7. Should reparations be paid to descendants of enslaved individuals, or is it too late to make amends?
  8. Was the War on Terror effective in preventing terrorism, or did it create more harm than good?
  9. Should the United States have intervened in the Syrian Civil War, or was it not its place to get involved?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on History for Assignments

  1. Was the fall of the Roman Empire inevitable, or could it have been prevented?
  2. Did Christopher Columbus deserve to be celebrated as a hero, or should his legacy be reevaluated?
  3. Was the French Revolution a necessary step towards democracy, or did it result in unnecessary violence?
  4. Should the United States have entered World War I, or should it have remained neutral?
  5. Was the Industrial Revolution a positive or negative development for society?
  6. Should the United States have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, or was it an unnecessary act of violence?
  7. Was the Cold War a necessary conflict, or did it create more harm than good?
  8. Should the United States have entered World War II, or should it have remained isolationist?
  9. Was the Civil Rights Movement a success, or is there still work to be done?
  10. Should the United States have engaged in the Vietnam War, or was it a mistake?
  11. Was the American Revolution justified, or was it an act of aggression?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Artificial Intelligence in 2023

  1. Should robots have the same legal rights as humans?
  2. Can artificial intelligence ever truly replicate human creativity?
  3. Will artificial intelligence eventually replace human workers in all industries?
  4. Is it ethical to use facial recognition technology in law enforcement?
  5. Should governments regulate the development of artificial intelligence to prevent potential dangers?
  6. Are chatbots and virtual assistants examples of true artificial intelligence or simply programmed responses?
  7. Can artificial intelligence truly understand human emotions?
  8. Should autonomous vehicles be allowed on public roads without human supervision?
  9. Will artificial intelligence eventually surpass human intelligence?
  10. Are machine learning algorithms inherently biased due to their programming?
  11. Should artificial intelligence be used in decision-making processes such as hiring or loan approval?
  12. Is it possible for artificial intelligence to possess consciousness and self-awareness?
  13. Should robots be held accountable for their actions if they cause harm to humans?
  14. Will artificial intelligence lead to greater income inequality and job displacement?
  15. Is it ethical to use artificial intelligence in military operations and warfare?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Sports in 2023

  1. Should college athletes be paid for their participation in sports?
  2. Is it fair for professional athletes to earn millions of dollars per year while teachers and healthcare workers struggle to make ends meet?
  3. Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in professional sports?
  4. Are contact sports like football and boxing ethical due to the potential for brain injuries?
  5. Should high school sports programs receive more funding and support from school districts?
  6. Are the Olympics still relevant in modern times, or have they become a commercialized spectacle?
  7. Is it fair for athletes to be punished for using recreational drugs outside of competition?
  8. Should children be encouraged to participate in sports from a young age, or does this put too much pressure on them?
  9. Should athletes be required to undergo regular drug testing in order to compete?
  10. Is it ethical for sports teams to relocate to different cities in pursuit of better financial opportunities?
  11. Should sports leagues be more proactive in addressing issues such as racism and sexism among players and fans?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on International Politics

  1. Should countries prioritize their own interests over international cooperation and collaboration?
  2. Is the United Nations still an effective organization for promoting global peace and security?
  3. Should the United States increase its involvement in international affairs or focus on domestic issues?
  4. Is it ethical for countries to intervene in the affairs of other nations in order to promote democracy and human rights?
  5. Should the international community take stronger action to address issues such as climate change and environmental degradation?
  6. Is the use of military force ever justified in international affairs?
  7. Should countries have the right to defend themselves against perceived threats, even if it means violating international law?
  8. Is globalization a positive or negative force in the world today?
  9. Should countries work to strengthen international trade and economic ties, or focus on protecting their own industries and workers?
  10. Is the concept of national sovereignty still relevant in today's interconnected world?
  11. Should the United States and other countries provide more aid and support to developing nations?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Social Media in 2023

  1. Should social media platforms be held responsible for the spread of fake news and misinformation?
  2. Is social media addiction a real problem, and if so, how should it be addressed?
  3. Should social media companies be allowed to collect and use personal data for advertising purposes?
  4. Is social media helping or hindering our ability to have meaningful conversations and connections with others?
  5. Should social media platforms be required to monitor and remove hate speech and other harmful content?
  6. Is social media contributing to the rise of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression?
  7. Should parents be held responsible for monitoring their children's social media use?
  8. Is social media having a positive or negative impact on political discourse and engagement?
  9. Should social media platforms have the power to censor or ban users for violating their terms of service?
  10. Is social media exacerbating societal divides and contributing to polarization?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Global Warming in 2023

  1. Is global warming an urgent issue, or is it overhyped by the media?
  2. Should the government invest more in researching renewable energy sources to combat global warming?
  3. Should individuals be held accountable for their carbon footprint, or is it the responsibility of governments and corporations to reduce emissions?
  4. Is climate change denial a legitimate position, or is it scientifically unfounded?
  5. Should there be stricter regulations on companies that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions?
  6. Is the Paris Climate Agreement effective in addressing global warming, or is it a symbolic gesture with little impact?
  7. Should the government prioritize the environment over economic growth, or is there a way to achieve both simultaneously?
  8. Is geoengineering a viable solution to combat global warming, or does it have potential negative consequences?
  9. Should individuals and businesses be incentivized to reduce their carbon footprint, and if so, how?
  10. Is there a moral obligation for developed countries to assist developing countries in combating global warming, and if so, to what extent?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Global Cuisine

  1. Is cultural appropriation in the food industry harmful or beneficial for promoting diversity?
  2. Should genetically modified foods be allowed in global cuisine, or are they harmful to human health?
  3. Is the rise of veganism and plant-based diets a positive trend for global cuisine, or is it limiting traditional food cultures?
  4. Should traditional food cultures be preserved or adapted to modern tastes and lifestyles?
  5. Is fusion cuisine a celebration of diversity or a form of cultural appropriation?
  6. Should food companies be held accountable for their impact on the environment, such as deforestation for palm oil production?
  7. Is the globalization of food culture contributing to the homogenization of global cuisine, or is it promoting diversity?
  8. Should cultural food traditions be protected under intellectual property laws, or should they be freely shared and adapted?
  9. Is the consumption of exotic and endangered species in global cuisine ethical, or is it contributing to the extinction of animal species?
  10. Should food waste reduction be a priority in global cuisine, and if so, how can this be achieved?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Relationships

  1. Is traditional marriage still relevant in modern society, or should alternative forms of relationships be accepted?
  2. Should polyamory be legally recognized as a valid form of romantic relationship, or is it harmful to traditional monogamous relationships?
  3. Should marriage be a legal institution, or should it be a purely personal and cultural choice?
  4. Is online dating a successful way to find meaningful relationships, or is it a superficial and ineffective trend?
  5. Should prenuptial agreements be mandatory for all marriages, or should they only be used in certain circumstances?
  6. Is it ethical to date someone significantly older or younger than you, or does age matter in relationships?
  7. Should couples be required to attend premarital counseling, or is this an invasion of privacy?
  8. Is it possible to be friends with someone you have romantic feelings for, or does this create unnecessary complications in relationships?
  9. Should cheating be considered a forgivable offense in relationships, or is it always a breach of trust?
  10. Is it necessary to have shared interests and hobbies in a successful relationship, or is it more important to have mutual respect and communication skills?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Gender Fluidity in 2023

  1. Should non-binary gender identities be legally recognized, and how can this be achieved?
  2. Is gender fluidity a trend, or a legitimate form of gender identity?
  3. Should gender-neutral language be used in all forms of communication, including literature and media?
  4. Is it ethical for parents to raise their children without assigning them a gender identity?
  5. Should gender reassignment surgery be covered by healthcare insurance, or is it a personal choice that should not be funded by taxpayers?
  6. Should public restrooms be gender-neutral, or should they be separated by binary gender identities?
  7. Is it possible to eliminate gender stereotypes in society, or are they deeply ingrained in our cultural beliefs?
  8. Should gender diversity education be mandatory in schools, and if so, at what age should it be introduced?
  9. Is the media responsible for perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes, or are they simply reflecting societal beliefs?
  10. How can society become more inclusive and accepting of gender fluidity, and what role should individuals and institutions play in achieving this?

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