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Law and Ethics Homework helper services assists in having in-depth knowledge of Law and Ethics from different aspects with their assignments. 

Law is a recognized and enforced set of rules and regulations fabricated with an intent to protect all its citizens from unethical acts recognized by law and maintain an equilibrium of peace and order in society. It is usually influenced by morality and it takes creating an orderly society as its sole purpose. It works on forming a society devoid of evils and injustices. Not abiding by laws usually leads to legal  punishment. Reach Law and Ethics Assignment Helper to get assisted in your Law and Ethics Assignment.

On the other hand, ethics are subjective and communal moral principles which form the beliefs of a person regarding rights and wrongs in his behavior. Ethics are not recognized and enforced by any administrative authority but decided by the society to make people morally right. Going against these ethics’ norms usually results in social isolation.

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Law and ethics share a symbiotic relationship being closely related. They both serve similar purposes of enforcing the sense of being right or wrong to make this society a better place to live in. They both guide the human conduct by different methods which are legal and social. They share common sources of development such as religion, culture, societal values, expected behaviors, dharma, sense of justice etc. Law and Ethics Homework help services is dedicated to solve your homework issues.

What is law and what is ethics?

Laws are generally uniform in nature irrespective of area, caste, color, creed, sex, religion etc. with uniform punishment codes while ethics vary from place to place and person to person. For example : Theft or the crime of stealing someone’s movable property dishonestly and intentionally is covered as breach of law in whole of India. Law and Ethics Assignment Helper provides you with an immense range of Assignments written solely for you.

It would lead to same punishments for similar thefts irrespective of the area, it was carried out. On the other hand, Ethics are not usually uniform in nature and vary in large extents. For example : Integrity is the commitment of a person to uphold his/her moral principles for being a trustworthy, accountable and responsible in the society he lives in. If he disrespects this ethical value of integrity, he would be socially punished depending on his surroundings. He can be isolated from the workplace or denied high ranked responsibilities etc.

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It can also be evidently mentioned that Law evolved from ethics. Earlier, people lived in a simple society. When it slowly evolved as a complex place to live in, a need for formal rules and regulations was felt. Slowly and deliberately, ethics took the form of written morals and codes of conduct which were later known as laws.

Law is a rigid compulsion one must abide by. One cannot even think of its breach without thinking of its resulting punishment. Ethics are quite flexible when compared to law. One forgetting ethical values shall not always be punished rather he always has the way to a narrow escape. It is an abstract set of mere guidelines consisting of behavioral standards of living and interacting with others. It is completely a voluntary obedience. Visit Do my Law and Ethics Assignment helper for more such content.

Law is governed by Government. It has several types based on its area of jurisdiction and governing authorities such as local, regional, national, international etc. Ethics are not governed by legal authorities rather individuals take the responsibility to govern them in an abstract form. This responsible governing depends on the work and place, one is incubated. These are of several types, such as workplace ethics, environmental ethics, residential ethics, driving ethics and so on and so forth. These come from people’s awareness and government is not required to keep a check upon its conduct.

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There is always a difference of ‘must’ and ‘should’ when it comes to Law and Ethics. As law is something, one ‘must’ do while ethics is what one ‘should’ do. Although, they always work in alignment to make a better individual who would collectively work to form a better society. They are used as tools followed to control one’s conduct. Get in touch with Online Law and Ethics Assignment Help for expert assistance.

Law can impose restrictions while ethics can’t. It can easily be understood by the Bengal Sati Regulation Act which was passed on December 4, 1829 by the British Government. It legally restricted the Sati system which was quite prevalent during that time. In spite of being highly resisted by the Indian society, it resulted in a sharp decline in Sati incidents. In this case, ethics at that time supported the Sati Paratha but ethics can’t impose restrictions as law can. Ethics can voluntarily be accepted but cannot be imposed. One of its best examples is the use of non-violence during the independence struggle. Ethics could not compel the people to follow it as law could. It was obediently followed voluntarily by the followers.

Ethics are the basis of law as law itself embodies ethical principles to mediate their relationship with this ever-evolving society and individuals. They help us in improving our ability to take better and informed decisions as one’s ability to make decisions depends upon one’s personal moral sense.

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Both law and ethics serve the common purpose of improvement. It can be better illustrated with an example of driving a car. If someone drives carefully and in speed limits with seat belts put on to prevent accidents and injuries, then it is an impact of ethics. On the other side, if someone drives well because a traffic police car is behind them, it depicts the fear inculcated in his mind via punishments for breaching law.

Law and ethics can also be contradictory to each other on some fronts. For example, death penalty is allowed in law if someone commits rarest of rare crimes while it is always unethical to kill someone, irrespective of the crimes he commits. Similarly, lying or being disrespectful are purely unethical but punishment for these unethical acts doesn’t find any place in our laws.

These are inextricably intertwined. Most of the times when ethics are ignored, laws are also breached and visa-versa. For example, telling a lie is an ignorance of ethics only but when a lie is told during a case hearing, it constitutes a breach of law making the person liable for punishment. Law and Ethics Assignment Expert is always there to assist you in your assignments.

To balance law and ethics, equity is usually placed between them. In some legal traditions, it is perceived as the one and only base of forming the law. Equity was commonly accepted everywhere leaving behind the contradictions in Law and Ethics. It had the power to replace both, in order to maintain the societal equilibrium and establish justice in law. Assistance from Law and Ethics Assignment experts.

Law and ethics are often entangled making it difficult to decipher. They have only a few contrasting differences such as ethics fall under the category of morality on how one should or one shouldn’t behave in society and these behaviors may vary from person to person and culture to culture. In contrast, law is a behavior recognized and enforced by sovereign authorities, one can’t breach as its breach leads to several harsh punishments. Many a times, we face a dilemma between law and ethics when leaving one sets on several repercussions. Such dilemmas can be solved by following morality as it is the basis of law and law depends on morality. Ethical behavior should always be followed to live and let live a better life. 

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