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Refund/Money-back GuaranteePolicy

The firm is committedto deliver the assigned work on schedule and in accordance with the Customer's specified criteria in the order. If the firm fails to meet any of its obligations, the client is entitled to a partial or full refund, depending on our policy.

If our service fails to meet its obligations to you, you have the right to request repayment under our policy. Because our service provides real academic aid, we want to make certain that you are completely happy! Our customer satisfaction is quite good. More than 97% of our customers come back with further orders. However, factors can interfere from time to time, and in these instances, you may always resort to our return policy. We wish to highlight that we can only give a complete refund in limited circumstances. These are:

No Delivery / Partial Delivery / Cancellation By Customer

  • There hasn't been a writer appointed yet: This is an uncommon occurrence, but it does occur. The reimbursement amount is always one hundred percent. If this happens, the client should not be concerned since they will be alerted as quickly as feasible.
  • Despite the fact that the Writer being appointed and more than half of the deadline having passed, if the client decides to cancel the order. To cover the Writer's and company's efforts to fulfil your order request, the amount of return might range from 50% to 0%.
  • Late delivery is only possible if the writer becomes unwell or if there are other unforeseen circumstances. In order to make up for the late delivery, the firm will issue a refund. Based on the postponement and the scenario, the precise cost will be agreed with the customer.
  • All orders are guaranteed to arrive on schedule. Sometimes there are delays when the consumer uploads the required materials late. In this case, there is no way to get a refund. That is why, when submitting an order, it is usually best to supply all relevant information, including any extra sources that must be utilised, all at once.

Work Not As Described

  • Disputed claims: If a client is dissatisfied with the quality or specifications of the work and wishes to receive a refund, the firm is required to address the concerns and correct the problems. If the consumer is still unhappy, the agency administration will launch an investigation. Based on the findings of the inquiry, the refund claim will be granted or refused. Always remember that we want our clients to be completely happy. As a result, we will always do our utmost to serve customers fairly and to ensure that they are completely satisfied.
  • Plagiarized content: A Turnitin report is required if it is claimed that the paper on which the Writer assisted you is plagiarised. Being the absolute industry standard, we also rely upon only the Turnitin report for substantiating claims of plagiarism.

Duplicate Order/Transaction

  • Accidental Duplicate Order: You must notify us as quickly as possible to cancel an order that was placed in error. You must inform us that the other order is not required. If the order is discovered to be duplicate and was placed inadvertently, a full refund will be provided.
  • Accidental Duplicate Transaction: If an extra/duplicate payment is made on the same order about which payment has already been made, the amount will be returned in full.

You Are Not Entitled To A Refund If:

  • The work is of higher quality than expected: Please bear in mind that no grades are guaranteed. We customise the papers we give as model examples or as a point of reference only; they are not ready for submission and should not be presented as one's own work.
  • Note that because the end dates are different in the case of a revision deadline, the previously specified delay reimbursements and price recalculation do not apply.
  • Orders for editing, proofreading, and formatting: Please keep in mind that the order you place for the aforementioned services includes unique content authored by you, which may contain contextual mistakes.

Refund Processing

The organisation will handle your return within seven business days after you get the refund confirmation. Please keep in mind that the firm cannot be held liable for any bank transfer fees, abnormalities, or any delays caused by bank service difficulties.