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  • How Our GPA Calculator Works?


    Enter Your Subject And Grade

    In the first column, input the name of the course for which you have a grade. In the second column, provide the grade received, and in the third, note down the course credits.

    Include the Elective Course and Choose Its Weightage

    Click on "Add Course" to input your elective subject, its name, and the credit hours taken. Choose the weightage option. Then, revisit steps 1-2.

    Add Another Semester

    For a cumulative GPA, incorporate an additional semester and follow steps 1-3 for each subject in that term. Your overall GPA will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the box.

    What is a GPA Calculator?

    A GPA Calculator is an essential tool for students aiming to monitor their academic progress. At its core, it's a digital mechanism that assists in converting your grades into a standardized format, allowing for a more straightforward comparison and understanding of your academic standing. Whether you're a high school student or in college, understanding your GPA is crucial for both academic planning and future career opportunities.

    In today's digital era, many GPA calculators are equipped with advanced algorithms that not only provide accurate results but also offer insights into potential areas of improvement. These algorithms, much like those used in search engines, rely on data patterns to ensure precision. For instance, if you're studying in a diverse curriculum with varying grading scales, the calculator can seamlessly adapt, ensuring that your results are consistent and reliable.

    Moreover, the user-friendly interface of most modern GPA calculators ensures that students can input their grades and course credits with ease. This is especially beneficial when planning for future semesters or when considering potential transfers to other institutions.

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    4. User-Centric Design: With a focus on user experience, the tool is easy to navigate, making the process seamless.

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    Guide to Calculating Your Semester Grade Point Average

    Follow this approach to compute your Semester Grade Point Average (GPA). Divide your total credit score by the total credit hours.
    Formula: Semester GPA = total credit score / total credit hours
    For clarity, see the tables provided below.

    Overall Academic Grades GPA – equivalent

    Grade Points Calculation

    Class Academic Grade GPA- Equivalent Credit Points Grade Points Earned

    To calculate your semester GPA, apply the formula – (Credit Points Earned) / (Credit Points)

    Thus, your semester GPA calculation= 37.25/12) = 3.104