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“Know thyself” is a household word of Indian Philosophy. While knowledge of the self behind the veil of nature is beyond the scope of science, knowledge of the soul through the world of phenomena is her goal. Human phenomena, individual or social, are so complex, vast and varied that in order to help overcome the limitations of our understanding, they have become the subject matter of manifold branches of learning. Difficulty at Criminology Assignment Helper being expert in criminology writing services understand the difficulty involved in this assignment. The branch of science that leads us to the knowledge of self through the phenomena of crimes is here the subject of our study. Its importance to society is scarcely less than the importance of society to our well-being and progress, for if the crime were to have its own way, where would society be? Ever since the recognition of its anti0social nature, man has been trying to repress it with his might and main; yet his efforts have not been rewarded with commensurate success. Revert back to Online Criminology Assignment Help for assistance. The reason is that he limited his view to its externality and hardly turned his eye toward its primal sources. He was satisfied with violently lopping off the branches but rarely went to cut at the root of the tree of criminality. It is the latter task that modern criminology seeks to accomplish and it is this that constitutes its greatest value as a social science.

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In this regard, criminology is an important and prevalent part of society. Criminology assignment writing help would lead you to invest yourself more in this subject. And in this respect, this science reflects the spirits of true civilization, which is often confused with the presentation of a polished fair exterior masking a foul heart within. Civilisation really consists in taming the brute in humans and mad making it human, and the object of criminology is to transform the criminal into a truly civilized man. It is thus a matter of cosmopolitan interest. Participation in a scientific movement of this nature stimulates intellectual and moral activity and India may with advantage play her part in this domain of subjective study and help to solve several of the problems which remain unsolved today. Visit Criminology Assignment Help for more.

As we progress much further into the study and applicability of criminology, we would find more and more compelling reasons for you to let us help you. We are a criminology assignment expert and would serve you by keeping your best interest in mind. Criminal Phenomenology includes a study of criminal art, language, literature, psychology, religion and superstition. The criminal investigator has to call on the aid of experts in almost all physical and natural sciences. Successful measures for the prevention and cure of delinquency necessitate a knowledge not only of mental and moral sciences but also of religion and philosophy. Criminology Assignment Writing Help is always ready to help you score better. Now, it is for us to note how a study of this science is of vital importance to the student of criminal law. As a great American lawyer put it, the first stage in a comprehensive study of the Law relates to  a knowledge of the legal rules governing human transactions; the second stage is represented by a study of the principles which underlie and bind together those rules of law into a system; and the third  and final stage consists in ‘the exploration of the realms of science lying immediately beyond the  boundaries of the Law with a view to ascertain its origin, its essential nature, its method of development, its function in society and the place it occupies in the general system of human knowledge.’ Online Criminology Assignment Help works hard to pave your path towards good grades. Viewed from this standpoint, Criminology represents ‘the final stage in the study of the Law of Crimes, which will therefore be incomplete without it and an application of its principles is considered the sole means of an intelligent and systematic improvement of the criminal codes of the civilised world.’

Since Criminology is a human science, its conclusions are largely based upon statistics. On a great number of topics, statistics have to be collected for the special study of the subject in relation to any country. European and American Statistics are fuller, more detailed and wider in scope than the Indian returns. In India, freshly columns have yet to be opened in the register of statistics for collecting information on a good many points essential to science. Indian statistics of the day do not afford room for determining the influence of climate, seasons, meteorological conditions, urban and rural life, the economic organisation, heredity, mental defect, pathological conditions, educational institutions and the like. In respect of marriage, religion, education, age and classification of criminals, the statistics are perfunctory from the standpoint of Criminal Science. With the development of science and the statistical record of the country, it is hoped to attain the fulness and accuracy that are required for investigation. Criminology Assignment Help provides a wide range of contents.

Thus, criminology being study of the crimes and the science of commission of crime deals with ins and outs attached to crime, beginning from its commission and to the psychology and notions attached to crimes and not to mention the possible solutions to reform this criminal inclination to commit crimes.

It studies crime from the point of view of a criminal and attempts to fathom the WHYS’? and later the HOWS’? involved in crime commission, i.e., why does a person commit crime? And what necessitates such commission and how is such crime committed. Revert back to Help with Criminology Assignment for more.

It even takes into account the possible reactions and attitude of the person committing crime and to predict his defence mechanism to escape from the same. Thus, enabling the Police to think from the shoes of a criminal and be a step ahead in their pursuit.

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