Mechanical Engineering Assignment: Reflection On Professional Masters Career Management


How has your mechanical engineering master's program impacted your career goals?


Journal 1: Professional Informational Interview
The success of a person's career is greatly influenced by their attitude toward their profession, as was described in this mechanical engineering assignment. This makes it crucial to assess your interests in order to choose a professional job. Once a choice has been made, it's crucial to talk to current professionals to get their insight. I got in touch with Marco Stiffer, the Product Manager Telematics at CNHI, because I have a keen interest in mechanical engineering and there is a lot of speculation about the field. He had previously spent more than 14 years with IVECO, where he provided exceptional job experience and understanding on a range of mechanical engineering professions.

I didn't have much time to interview Marco, so I asked him right away about the future of mechanical engineering. The opportunities for talented mechanical engineers are endless, said Marco in response. Today, almost all products are created using machines, which require ongoing maintenance and design improvements. As long as someone takes the time to understand the industry and customer needs, the potential is endless.

I then asked Marco what essential qualities a successful mechanical engineer should possess. He responded by noting that while there are many abilities you'll need for career success, the three listed below are particularly important for mechanical engineering.

Possess strong problem-solving abilities.

The first thing Marco said was that any mechanical engineer will primarily be asked for advice on how to fix or solve a problem. This makes the ability to analyse a situation and identify the problem or possible problem the first characteristic of a mechanical engineer. Instead of merely replacing broken parts, a qualified mechanic engineer evaluates the issue to ascertain the causes of the parts failure.

A mechanical engineer is continuously under pressure and frequently finds themselves with deadlines to meet. A successful mechanical engineer must be able to operate under pressure and, most importantly, keep their focus, as stated in this mechanical engineering assignment. To tackle the issue, the mechanic engineers must keep their heads steady and concentrate on their tasks.

In this mechanical engineering assignment, creativity is also stated as a crucial quality that mechanical engineers need. This is crucial because the engineer might need to adjust the sequence to solve a problem. The mechanical engineer must evaluate current products and offer recommendations for their improvement.

Marco discussed the significance of mechanical engineering in today's society as well as the need for specialisation and a passion for the field in order to take advantage of the chances that are presented.