Corporate Accounting Assignment Analysis ForSeafarm Group And Woolworths Ltd


Can you provide a brief overview of the financial performance and position of Seafarm Group and Woolworths Ltd over the past fiscal year, highlighting key indicators?


AExecutive summary

This report seeks to assess the financial performance of two distinct businesses, Seafarm Group and Woolworths Ltd. The income statement, cash flow, and other income tax accounting issues are covered in the report after shedding light on the equity component of the business. The paper goes on to examine the equity, comprehensive income statement, cash flow statement, and corporate income tax accounting tax information for these companies. The annual report of these organisations has been taken into consideration, and the financials have been evaluated to look for any differences or changes in the aforementioned books of accounts. The notes and footnotes to the company's financial statements have also been given proper consideration for a better understanding in addition to these considerations. In general, this report can help reflect improved information and comparisons between the companies.


This study is crucial in evaluating the specifics of Woolworths Ltd. and Seafarm Group, respectively. The business, according to Woolworths Ltd., is diverse in its operations and is also listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. It is an important participant in the Australian retail market. In a number of industries, including gaming poker, lodging, and alcoholic beverages, the market is widely accessible and accessible.

However, the customer base has grown to more than three thousand, and as a result, the business is also recognised as the second largest in terms of revenue. In contrast, Seafarm Ltd. is largely an agricultural business that deals in the sale of premium seafood and is likewise registered as an Australian public company. The company has also engaged in a variety of aquaculture-related activities, and it has divided its problems into three main categories (Seafarms Group Limited, 2017). Additionally, the organization's last division produces prawns like black tigers and bananas that are marketed under the name Crystal Bay Prawns.

i.) Owners' equity According to Woolworths Ltd.'s annual report, net equity increased to $10849 million in 2018 from $9876 million in 2017, as can be observed. This can be explained by the fact that the company's financial statements include a number of stock components, as seen in the following table taken from the annual report. As a result of the company issuing new shares under its programme of long-term employee incentives and reinvestment initiatives, the contributed equity of the company has also increased. Additionally, it is evident that the reserves have decreased as a result of the costs associated with share-based payments. Finally, even after the dividend payment that was enabled or made for the shareholders, changes in non-controlling interests and retained earnings may be caused by an increase in the company's net profits.