Consumer Behavior Assignment On Understanding The Market Psychology


How do individual demographics, such as age and gender, affect consumer behavior and purchasing choices?


Survey's objective

This consumer behaviour assignment was done to determine how consumer behaviour affected Haigh's consumption of its chocolate gift line. Several aspects, including motivation, attitudes, perception, individual and group differences, culture, and family, have been taken into account in the survey and have an impact on consumers' chocolate intake ( (Ramya and Mohamed Ali, 2016). According to Prosser (2018), Haigh Chocolates is opening factories in Australia with the intention of growing the company there, and offering gift packs was one of the key initiatives to do so. The psychology that is involved when buying gifts from the Haigh chocolates brand has been researched in this article on customer behaviour.

the creation of the survey tools

There are ten questions that have been raised and that have an effect on how people use the Haigh chocolate gift range.



Do you eat chocolate?

The question helps in understanding the perception held by the customer.

I prefer the chocolate brand Haigh over other chocolate brand that are available in the market

Perception held about Haigh chocolate

I have a greater preference for the gift kits over purchasing the individual chocolates

Perception about chocolate gift kits

Are you likely to make consumption of chocolates more frequently?

Attitude of the consumer towards chocolate

What motivate you to purchase chocolates?

Motivation of the customers

What demotivates you to purchase chocolates?

Demotivation aspects of the consumers.

Does your preference for the chocolate affected by other?

Individual and group differences in explained through this question.

Eating chocolates does not have an impact on my religious sentiment

Question helps understand the eating chocolates whether it is part of culture

I ensure that there is chocolate in the house so that it can be used as dessert after each meal

Eating habit of the customer can be analyzed with this statement

I like sharing and consuming chocolates with my family and friends

Family’s consumption of chocolates can be evaluated through this statement.

Process of administration
The researcher used the internet to conduct a quantitative survey. The software survey monkey was used to conduct the survey. There were 10 questions, each with a limited number of options (Stankevich, 2017.). 15 responders received the survey link the software created. The software made it possible to provide the findings of the consumer behaviour assignment in both a graphical and tabular format. I choose to use Survey Monkey because it supports market research objectives and conducts a competitive analysis of consumer input.