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Help with Material engineering assignment: but why us?

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What is Material Engineering?

Ever since the time we are born, we are always in contact with various materials that are around us and even in our early, middle and later schooling days we had chapters enlightening us about various materials and particularly their use in our daily life.  However, we all have wondered who designs the materials the way they are? Who provides the colour the colour? Is there any significance for the colour provided to those materials? What is the significance behind shaping the material in a certain shape? Well, it is the Material engineers, who specialize in engineering these materials around us. Material engineering is a broader term denoting everything related to the structuring, designing, colouring, shaping not to mention the production and discovery of new materials. We, at material engineering assignment helper provide content and assignments related to this discipline that helps the material engineers a great deal in their study of this discipline. Our material engineering assignment writers have already been through the journey of writing of mundane assignments which has to be turned in for good internals and are very well acquainted with the route of this journey as no one can help you better than an experienced person and we, the great assignment helper have just those experienced material assignment helpers.      

Material Engineering broadly deals with 5 types of materials

1. Metals: - Are materials that usually solid in nature and are easily malleable, fusible, ductile and are great conductors of both heat and electricity.

2.Polymers: -Are materials made that has a macromolecular structure and is built by a number of recurring monomers in a chain form.

3.Ceramics: -Are materials made up of non-metallic mineral (such as clay) example: - earther pots, bricks and kilns etc.

4.Composites: - Are materials created out of combination of two or more materials each having its distinct characteristic and compositions.

5.Semiconductors: - Are materials that have a conductivity range between conductors and non-conductors. They are neither very good conductors of electricity nor very bad conductors of electricity as a result of this unique property of theirs they are used in: -  Communication enabling systems like CPU, Mobile chips, etc : - silicon is the most widely used semi conductor.

Sub-branches of Material engineering

Material engineering is a broader terminology used to denote everything related to material and it is an all-encompassing terminology. However, there are many sub- branches of this engineering discipline and as well varied assignments for these sub branches. We, the great assignment helper the most reliable material engineering assignment services which encompasses assignments of all the sub- branches of material engineering.

Some of the sub branches of Material Engineering are: -

1.DESIGN & MANUFACTURING: - This sub branch of material engineering involves designing content in the material and also involves shaping, structuring, selecting the right materials alongside the precise assembling of various materials in case of dealing with more than one material. It additionally involves material processing and manufacturing. It involves studying the properties of the material too starting from malleability, temperature withstanding capacity so on and on. Our, Material engineering assignment helpers specialize even in this sub branch and can write you content on the same.

2. ENERGY MATERIALS: -As evident from the nomenclature itself, it deals with energy related aspect of the materials and attempts to exploit the energy of the materials. For example: - the fuel cell materials, combustible substances, battery etc.  This branch is mainly concerned with understanding the energy co efficient and level of energy a material can release.

Our, Material engineering assignment helpers specialize even in this sub branch and can write you content on the same

3. NANOMATERIALS: -  This sub branch of material engineering concerns itself with “SIZE” of the materials that are in the range of (1 to 100 NM nanometres). This branch is focused of reducing the size of materials without compromising on its efficiency but instead enhancement of its efficiency with it occupying the least space possible. This sub branch of engineering the most fast-growing engineering and some of its application can be seen in: - computer chips, SD cards etc.

4. BIOMATERIALS: - This branch involves Biology and Engineering both contributing to each other’s subject matter and enriching each other. It tries to interface biology with engineering and works up on application of engineering on biology and biology on engineering. Some of the materials that are produced from such science (biomaterial engineering are): - Pacemakers and other biological implants. Our, Material engineering assignment helpers specialize even in this sub branch and can write you content on the same                             

5.ELECTRONIC MATERIALS: - This sub branch of material engineering concerns itself with developing materials for electric purposes. That is these materials that can be used for electrical appliances and promotes better conduction, insulation and resistance of electricity. This sub branch focuses on studying and determining a material’s response to electricity and aims at exploiting its electronic properties to produce new materials for our daily use and also for scientific advancement. Our, Material engineering assignment helpers specialize even in this sub branch and can write you content on the same.

6.SURFACE SCIENCE: -  This sub branch is mainly concerned with the surface and interface (internal surface) of materials as every material communicated with its immediate outer world with the help of its and by the medium of its surface solely and largely the properties of any material to perform certain of its abilities depends on its surface. For example: - copper has the ability to conduct electricity but if its surface has been tampered so much with that its surface no longer reacts as any conductor would, now in order to make the same respond to electricity the surface has to be peeled off. Thus, this sub branch can be said to study the skin of the materials that is the dermis and epidermis of the material in a metaphorical sense. However, it would be wrong to stat that this sub branch concerns only with the study and understanding of the surface and interfaces as this sub branch also aims at controlling and modifying the surface to suit to its needs. Our, Material engineering assignment helpers specialize even in this sub branch and can write you content on the same

7.POLYMERIC MATERIALS: -As the name itself hints that this sub branch is concerned with polymers which are noting but a combination of a number of monomers. This sub branch experiments with combining different molecular structures to derive the desired new molecular structure which is then availed to produce an entirely new set of materials (Synthetic polymer engineering). Some of the renowned examples of this polymer engineering are: - polyphenol, polyoxymethylene, polyester, polyimide, polycarbonate etc.  Plastic itself is a direct by product of such engineering. This sub branch has produced many synthetic materials like: - Nylon, PVC etc and so on. Our, Material engineering assignment helpers specialize even in this sub branch and can write you content on the same

Materials engineers usually do the following:

  • Planning and evaluating fresh projects, seeking the counsel of other engineers and managers as and when needed;

  • Preparing proposals and budgets, analyzing labor costs, writing reports, and performing other management related tasks;

  • Supervising the working of technologists, technicians , engineers and scientists;

  • Designing and directing the methods and modes of  testing a product’s processing and carrying out the right procedures;

  • Monitoring the performance of materials and evaluating their process of deterioration;

  • Determining the causes of a product failure and developing ways to overcome such failure

  • Evaluating the technical specifications and monetary factors concerning the design objectives of  various processes or products;

  • Evaluating the impact on the environment due to materials processing;

  •  Creating and studying materials at the atomic level.

  •   Using computers to understand and model the features of materials alongside their components.

  •  Solving  problems in several varied engineering fields, such as chemical, mechanical, electrical, medical. biological, civil, aerospace, computer and so on.

In conclusion: -

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