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As we have already discussed at length about the various methods and benefits of taking an online legal assignment help, let’s see a list of topics which are most sought after by those taking an online assignment help. Some of them are as follows:

  • How did the law regarding workers' legal status evolve throughout time?

  • Effectiveness of workplace sexual harassment laws for women compared to men

  • The idiosyncrasies of the system for parental versus maternal leaves.

  • Are laws requiring workplace equality effective?

  • Which racial or ethnic groups still face discrimination in the workplace?

  • A comparison of the USA's and other countries' key employment laws

  • How may an employment contract be compromised, and how can that be prevented?

  • Analysis of labour law and trade unions

  • What circumstances render dismissal legislation void?

  • What rights do employees of various genders have under employment law?

  • Are methods of job screening moral?

  • What will be the minimum requirements for employment in 2022?

  • Should we choose employees using AI-based techniques and neuroscience?

  • Should refugees be subject to mandatory legal screening?

  • How do the Labour Law Acts handle the protection of college students?

  • Signs of child abuse: Consequences for those who fail to disclose them

  • Laws governing child migration have changed over time.

  • How much should the court's judgement be influenced by the child's preference to remain with one parent over another?

  • Problems and characteristics of shared housing

  • What circumstances can prevent a couple from filing for divorce?

  • Is the legal age for marriage sufficient, or should it be raised?

  • Male and female domestic violence consequences: differences and similarities

  • When are legal professionals permitted to enter a family's life?

  • Resources division throughout the divorce process: nuances and potential issues

  • The way that a TV show depicts child abuse

  • Is it appropriate to enable children to use social media?

  • The function of scouting in Britain

  • How may book reading clubs serve to advance family values?

  • The complexities of refugee protection and regulation, as well as US military assistance in invasions of other nations: common history, potential for the future

  • When may a nation lawfully get involved in the affairs of another area?

  • Intervention and its effects on international crimes.

  • What rules ought to be international?

  • What international law ought to be implemented but isn't yet?

  • What are the variations between national and international regulations?

  • What international criminal legal treaty needs revisions and updates?

  • As a peacemaker: steps that the government should take to address pressing global issues & armed conflicts

  • Legal protection for kids in Germany versus other countries

  • How can political refugees be made safe?

  • What are the constraints of international policies on medical research?

  • When should abortion be prohibited for an embryo who is capable of feeling and experiencing sensations?

  • Should assisted suicide and euthanasia be legalised together? Why?

  • Should men who have female companions sue them for having an abortion?

  • It has to be changed to protect women from being coerced into pregnancy

  • Which hospitals have been the subject of allegations of discrimination? Why?

  • Guidelines for organ transplantation: Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Who should forced sterilisation be legalised for, how should it be implemented, and why should it be done so?

  • How to identify the party at fault for medical issues during operations. What possible legal repercussions might they experience?

  • Stem cell research regulations: balancing logic and the law

  • Should judges who hear cases involving healthcare legal conflicts have specialised training to ensure that their judgments are grounded in relevant facts?

  • Should hospitals and other medical facilities take part in Covid-related research projects?

  • Should only qualified clinicians approach the criminals?

  • What do laws governing nationality signify for immigrants?

  • Which legal situations should immigrants be permitted entry into?

  • Identifying a bogus marriage and the appeals process

  • What conditions give immigrants the designation of refugee?

  • Should those who suffer from mental illness be granted legal immigrant status?

  • What legal infringements concerning immigrants might there be?

  • Should criminal immigrants who lack legal status for permanent residence be sentenced to life in prison?

  • Immigration and emigration: challenges and parallels

  • Children born or conceived of immigrants within the country: their rights and restrictions

  • Immigration-specific rules for rendition and extradition in 2022

  • Immigrants' contribution to the resolution of the Afghan problem

  • The way immigrants are portrayed in the media

  • Advertisements on social media geared on immigrants

  • Should Russian immigrants' status be altered?

  • What are the children's rights of refugees?