Conclusion Starters: 110 Best Ways to Keep Your Audience Hooked

Conclusion signifies the end of writing, be it paragraph or the whole document. The starting and the end are two major points of impact in academic writing. You can impress your reader with a good conclusion or annoy him by beating around the bush. If you understand the art of writing conclusions you may go on writing great pieces of academic papers and thesis which may attract appreciation from evaluators and readers.

Tips to write a good conclusion starter

If you want to write a good conclusion you must try to bring all the important points of the document in form of bulletins. If you think that the paragraphs resemble the copy of material written above you should try substituting different words in its place. 

Below are a few points which you should remember:

  • Try taking reference of your introduction to match your conclusion with all of your document as it entails the basic idea of the document.

  • If you think that introduction is too large to be included as a base of conclusion, try taking points from important paragraphs of the document. For example if you are writing on terrorism then each section of your document may highlight a different problem or a different aspect of the same problem. The role of conclusion is to sum up all the major issues in a comprehensible manner, at one place. 

  • You may also go on to include some influential quotes and suggestions as a part of your conclusion. This is one of the ways to impress your reader.

List of Words to make your conclusion effective

If you are struggling to write a good conclusion you may take a reference from below. Below is a list of few important words which may enhance the impact of your conclusion. Try using them as starters while writing your conclusion.

  1. Lastly

  2. Therefore

  3. Hence

  4. Finally

  5. Thus

  6. As expressed

  7. In general

  8. In conclusion

  9. For this reason

Features of a good conclusion starter

Take a look at the following points to make your conclusion more impressive:

  • Take a note of all the points included in the body of the document as it greatly enhances the quality of the conclusion.

  • Always keep the main aim of your thesis as a guiding principle as a direction for writing your conclusion.

  • Make sure that all other portions of the documents are already prepared as conclusion concludes all the issues in discussion.

 You must remember that different forms of conclusion require different structure of sentences. For example, sentence structure for an argumentative essay will be different from that of narrative one and that of narrative one will be different from a descriptive or an argumentative essay.

Conclusion starters in different forms of essay

  • If you are writing a narrative essay try giving moral lessons in your conclusion as it creates a positive impact on the reader.

  • If you are writing a descriptive essay , consider putting a brief conclusion at the end of every paragraph you write. 

  • While writing a descriptive essay try stating supporting facts using different words. In this way there could be a connection between the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay.

  • If you are writing a contrasting essay try to give clear difference between two concepts present in the document and draw out a clear distinction between them.

  • Make sure to choose the right words to sum up your opinions in an argumentative essay. Try rephrasing the sentences if you think it does not convey the main theme of the document.

Points to pay attention

You must give a great deal of attention to your conclusion. If a conclusion is written properly it leaves an impact on the reader and allows the reader to retain better, what he has read. If you do not make your conclusions attractive the reader may feel disgusted after reading the document. Conclusion is therefore the most important aspect of any academic writing if you wish to leave an impact on your readers.

If you have no idea how to write a good conclusion just go on reading the blog and by the time you finish it you will have a good idea about the conclusion and different ways to write it.

Good Conclusion Starters

As the conclusion determines the level of interest that the user will have while reading what you have written you must pay a great deal of attention while writing one. The starting word of your conclusion must signify the end of the sentence. You may also review some examples before you start writing the conclusion. 

Attributes of a Good Conclusion Starter

You must not forget that the main aim of a conclusion is to sum up all the arguments in a smooth manner and not abruptly. The conclusion starters are also known as traditional phrases and signifies that the document is about to end. 

What you should remember?

  • Use a concise number of words as your essay or dissertation's conclusion begins.

  • Additionally, you can include a brief conclusion section to draw attention to the key ideas in your research.

  • Make sure to let the audience know when your work is about to come to a close.

  • Let the audience know that the closing section has no fresh information.

  • Make the readers anticipate that their job is about to come to a close.

  • Your conclusion should include a summary of the key themes and a message encouraging readers to take action.

Conclusion Starters Ideas

Don’t rush here and there but focus on the list of suggestions given below:

  1. Clearly

  2. Given these points

  3. All aspects considered

  4. I think there is no option but to conclude

  5. In drawing to the closure

  6. Nevertheless

  7. Overall

  8. Now that we know

  9. Ultimately

  10. To sum up

  11. As per my opinion

  12. Generally

  13. The apparent logical conclusion is

  14. Keeping these in mind

  15. When examining from the viewpoint of

  16. Nothing else can be concluded but this.

  17. When considering the issue of

  18. After examining the situation from many perspectives, a conclusion can be drawn

  19. It can therefore be restarted.

  20. Taking into account the various information in this work

However, if you are working on a research paper, then consider the conclusion starters given below:

Conclusion Starters for Research Papers

A call to action statement for additional investigation on the issue is typically included in the conclusion starter of a research paper. Additionally, this section should have a formal tone because readers need more background information on the topic.

Some outstanding ideas

  1. The outcomes show that, as anticipated

  2. as a result of

  3. Given what the data show

  4. Considering the evidence provided

  5. According to the data, it may be said

  6. In light of these discoveries

  7. Data indicate

  8. The key revelations that the study made

  9. based on the evidence, to infer

  10. The findings of this study demonstrate

  11. Unexpectedly, the information showed

  12. The study's findings show that

  13. While additional study is necessary

  14. Reviewing these results, it is possible to state

  15. As a result, in the end

  16. Within the concept's context

  17. While more study is necessary based on the data mentioned above

  18. As the final result was destined to be.

Are the suggested conclusions still unsatisfactory to you? To locate more for a less formal paper, scroll down further.

Conclusion Starters for less formal papers

  1. As I watch things

  2. In the end, what has been said and done

  3. When all is said and done

  4. Briefly stated

  5. According to my viewpoint

  6. Nobody could've predicted that

  7. Short version of a long story

  8. When it's time to finish,

  9. to get to the heart of the matter

  10. In general

  11. In layman's terms

For authors and public presenters to leave an impression on their audience, a strong conclusion is a crucial ability.

Use these introductions for conclusions to strengthen your essay because doing so will help you get better grades.

The right way to restate a thesis statement- Conclusion Starters

Restating a thesis statement entails summarising your entire argument in one sentence and then elaborating on it. Always be careful not to reiterate points; instead, rephrase your position using new language. After restating your thesis statement, you should also summarise your essay's main ideas.

Few Strategies

The following are some tips I've provided for you to use to forward your conclusion:

  • Then what? Find a response to this query because you need to attract your audience's attention.

  • You want to persuade the audience, thus establishing connections with a central theme of your course.

  • Utilising an outside source will add complexity to your claims.

  • Based on the findings in your study, pose a research topic.

  • Deal with your arguments' weaknesses so that you can strengthen them in your subsequent research.

Core factors to consider while writing conclusion starters

Applying a strategy alone is insufficient; you also need to be aware of the following additional requirements:

Write down the difficulties you encountered when writing your paper so you can avoid them in the future.

To ensure that your work is perfect, consider the tone of the paper. A good way to determine the fine tone of your article is to determine whether it is explanatory, argumentative, or analytical.

To tie your analysis to the original tone of your paper, find out what it was like.

Additionally, choose a technique that will allow you to incorporate all of your paper's components while maintaining the finest tone and flow possible.

Conclusion Starters for High School Students

  1. One more thing,

  2. I've therefore got to the conclusion.

  3. the study found

  4. As a result

  5. To conclude

  6. Following the conversation,

  7. In the past

  8. Going forward

  9. You should now think about

  10. The overall finding is that

  11. For the reasons mentioned above

  12. the vast bulk of the time

  13. To achieve this

  14. Finally, but not least

  15. There is no doubt

  16. I concur with

  17. The moment has come to

  18. According to my opinion

  19. To examine

  20. I believe you have realised it by now.

  21. Altogether

  22. As already stated

If you are not satisfied with these conclusion starters we have a few more for you.

Few Additional Conclusion Starters

  1. I really believe that

  2. I eagerly anticipate

  3. The conclusion is that

  4. It is important to review.

  5. I sincerely believe that

  6. Finally, I would like to

  7. My conclusion is that

  8. Meanwhile

  9. rather than

  10. Due to this, I believe

  11. just as stated

  12. In conclusion

  13. On the other hand

  14. In conclusion, it can be said

  15. Henceforth

  16. So it would be worthwhile.

  17. Therefore, focus should be placed on

  18. Indeed

  19. Nevertheless

  20. One can draw that

Final List of Conclusion Starter Ideas

  1. In light of the above

  2. As we come to a conclusion

  3. Given this information

  4. Keeping this all in mind

  5. What else can we say other than this?

  6. Taking into account these details

  7. When the issue is raised

  8. Upon applying a variety of techniques to this condition.

  9. The apparent logical conclusion is

  10. Results like these suggest.