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    Hey there! Wanna spice up your talking?  Here are 30 slang words to make you sound like you're in the know: Brunch: Can't decide between breakfast and lunch? Boom, brunch! Chill: Relax, take it easy. "Let's just chill and watch a movie." Perks: The good stuff you get with a job, like free coffee or gym discounts. Yikes: Uh oh! Something's not good. Gadget: A cool new tool or techy thing. Foodie: Someone who loves to eat and explore different foods. Brainstorm: Throwing around ideas to solve a problem. Yikes! (Yep, this one's worth saying twice.) Breakdown: When something stops working. "My car had a breakdown on the highway." Weekend warrior: Someone who gets really active on the weekends, like going hiking or biking.

Mar 16 2024

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