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Company law also known as : Corporate law, Business law and Enterprise law all these extensively deals with the operation and functioning of companies, enterprises, businesses and corporations. Starting from the formation of a company to carrying out of itself and until its destruction.

Today, being cognizant of company or corporate is significant because of the ever-growing scope and opportunity in this field of law.

One of the basic principles that law recognizes with respect to these companies is the principle of “distinct legal existence of the company as an entity”. i.e., in the eyes of law, a company is an artificial legal person having its independent existence and is distinct from the person who created it or even from the one running it currently.

So, what enables this artificial person from sustaining itself and growing further? It is, beyond any iota of doubt is the “LAW” .Thus, the name company law relates to that law that governs this artificial person. A company being an artificial person has a legal structure of a “Limited liability” as already mentioned since a company is a person (Artificial) in itself holding its functionaries liable on a personal level would not be right? To, know more aspects of company law seek us out “The Company Law Assignment Helper”.

Now, for most this might seem absurd and even defy common sense, but see it this way ,assume that you are a servant working for your master and during the course of your employment your master committed the wrong of bribery, now if you are held liable would this be fair? Not at all right. Apply this same logic to the case of a company, in this case the company is the master( An artificial legal person) and the runners of the company are its (servants) working for it . Just as you cannot hold the servant liable for the master’s misdoings so can’t you hold the runners of the company liable for the company’s debts, misdoings etc.( Salomon vs. Salomon &Co. Ltd, 1897) is the landmark judgment for this aspect of the company being a distinct legal entity.

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Company’s being a distinct legal entity also has its own bank account ( capital account) in which investments are deposited or any capital introduced is recorded and after the company profits the investments and capital introduced are paid back to the investors and capitalists along with an agreed interest at the time of investment from the company’s account and this process goes on and any withdrawal made from the company’s account for personal use is to be paid back into the company’s account.

Thus, from these practices it can be very well understood, how serious the law is when it comes to providing a distinct legal existence to a company.

Types of companies:

  1. Based on mode of incorporation: A process by which a company is made a legal corporation( i.e., giving of a body and life to a company)

*Statutory company

*Registered company.

      2. Based on number of members

            *Private company;

            *Public company;

            *One person company( benefit of partnership & co)

      3. Based on liability of members

          *Limited by shares

          *Limited by guarantee

          *Unlimited company.

Various countries, have different nomenclature for the acts or laws regulating the affairs of a company but mostly the laws of all these companies if not more than not less, have a lot in common. If you found this content of ours riveting and extraordinarily simple and terse to understand, get at us : “The Company Law Assignment Helper” .

Every company has the discretion to make its own bye-laws for its management so long as they don’t contradict the supreme legislations and depending upon the nature and type of business a company is engaged in it has frames its own bye- laws.

Some more Kinds of companies are as follows:-

  1. Foreign companies: -These are those companies that have been given a body ( incorporation) and legal recognition by countries that they belong to but conducts business in countries other than the country that incorporated it. They have their own bye-laws and customs of trade. Visit Company law writing services for more.

  2. Domestic companies:- These are those companies that have been given a body ( incorporation) and legal recognition by the country in which they are carrying out their business. They too have their own bye-laws and customs of trade.

  3. Government company:- These are those companies in which government owns 51% shares of the paid capital. Company law Expert writing services is dedicated to assist you.

  4. Holding out and Subsidiary companies:-  A company is called a holding out company when it exercises its control over another company. The company against whom such control is exercised is called the subsidiary company.

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