What is spatial order and role of chronology in essay writing?

According to the college aspirants, a good essay writing content can only be achieved by the following: pursuing audience, appropriate grammar, wise choice of vocabulary. However, the organization of the essay and its transparency also have a significant role in creating an effective essay. There are various patterns of essay writing, spatial order is one of those patterns. You must make a choice of the style prior to beginning your essay. The careful choice of the pattern will give a better understanding of the essay to your readers. In the world of composition, spatial order is a structure in which the content is written in the pattern of: top to bottom or left to right pattern. There are a couple of terms which are synonymous to the spatial order: space structure and classification of place. In case your essay has detailing of objects or any places, the spatial order refers to the point of view of the reader reading it. This order is not the same for all the essays. To know its versatile properties, you definitely require an expert’s supervision. Our experts are the best in guiding you with the concept of spatial order. You can reach our professionals through our web portal.

Defining Spatial Order

One of the trusted online dictionary brands, Merriam-Webster, has defined spatial order as the method of connecting the objects and the spaces in an essay. In an elaborate manner, it is execution of the elements and the ideas as per their sequential relationship. It is like detangling a series of information or points in an organized manner.

  • You must have played puzzle games in your childhood days. This order is similar to the game. It is like fitting fragments serially to curate an engrossing content. A student besides focusing on the aspects like grammar or vocabulary should also focus on the order of laying down the information.

  • Spatial order is unlike other mediums of writing. It is also different from the chronological pattern of laying information. Unlike the other features, it fully depends on the placement of an information or an object and not on time. If you want to follow this order in your essay, you first need to organize the information in an adequate format. The format must exhibit the ideas of you (writer) in a spontaneous logic.

  • When you are following the spatial order, you should include only observations rather than exaggerating the facts to a great extent. The format is widely followed while writing a descriptive essay format.

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Significance of Spatial Order in a Descriptive Essay

It is important to follow the order in a descriptive essay because:

  • It enables you to craft a scenic rendition which is easy for the readers to visualize while reading.

  • You have the liberty to work on your senses: touch, smell and feelings to make the content realistic. Thus, it is easy for the readers to segregate the essay as descriptive.

Pros of Implementing Spatial Order in an Essay

To understand the benefits of the spatial order, read the following:

  • A scene irrespective of its complication, can be narrated using a proper logical sequence. This sequence will surely give an insight of your essay to the professor.

  • Every essay consists of scene setting. The scene setting involves description and involvement of lots of objects. If you do not follow spatial order, the entire essay will be confusing. Moreover, your professor will be perplexed about the sequence of the portrayal. Following the order leads to transparent writing.

  • Signal words and transitions are extremely essential in spatial writing order. They will link the details and the ideas of your essay. Maintaining a proper link also intensifies the lucidity of the content.

Tips to write an Essay using Spatial Order Essay

Pay attention to these simple tips to write a compelling essay with a logical flow:

  • Conceiving

Choosing a topic is the primary task. This is an easy task. However, the task is easier if your university has already given a topic for brainstorming. Contrarily, you can take our expert’s help or choose a random topic all by yourself.

Take a digital notepad or conventional notepad, jot down all your thoughts as they pop up in your thoughts. In this way, you can arrange your ideas in a sequential format. Remember, that you will have been clearly conveying your thoughts since the beginning of writing.

  • Research

Do you know, research has always been associated with spatial essays. Surfing multiple sources like magazines, write-ups and articles are the ideal ones to extract information and take references. Make sure that the sources are trustworthy.

  • Layout

Every university essay has specific guidelines. If you have the confidence of pulling off your spatial assignment conveniently, you still need to follow a particular outline. Messed up in creating an outline? The English assignment experts are there to build the outline right from the scratch.

The layout will help you to arrange your thoughts. Prior to drafting an outline, just visualize the pattern in which you want your information to roll out. In this writing format, you can present your matter in a sequence of old to new or in a mixed bag format of surprises or flashbacks.

  • Final Execution

As you have performed all the above steps, you are now all set to commence your final spatial essay. Write the information that you have extracted while researching on the topic. The sources of your research must be credible. In case, you have doubts regarding any source skip it or replace it with some other feasible one.

An Outline of a Spatial Essay

Like the other essays, a spatial essay also has three sections: the introduction paragraph, the body and the conclusion. We hope that you can now relate to the outline of these types of essays. Since the outline is nearly similar to the other essays, the writing style is also alike.

  • The introduction should be a captivating paragraph. It should be presented in a way that your readers get glued to the topic till the end. To take a stance on your choice of topic, do a thorough background check. Inclusion of that information will justify your choice.

  • The closing sentence of the introductory paragraph of the spatial essay must be the thesis statement that is a comprehensive answer to all the questions.

  • A body section must consist of four paragraphs. You should give a detailed description of each object in detail. As per the paragraph rule, each paragraph should contain the detail of one object.

  • The conclusion portion should be strong. There are various ways of managing this paragraph. You can include concluding remarks about the topic.

  • In the ending paragraph introduction of new ideas related to the topic is also a good idea.

  • You can imply quotes relevant to the topic in the conclusion.

  • The conclusion para can also be the summarized information of the whole content. Otherwise, you can simply write a thesis statement.

Types of Signal Words used in Spatial essays

In spatial writing, many signal words are implemented. The following list of words are the examples of the signal words:

  • Behind

  • To the left

  • Adjacent to

  • Below

  • Parallel to

  • Inside

  • Under

  • To the right

  • Across

  • Alongside

  • Between

Types of Chronology used in Essay

You need to know the narrative styles to understand the chronology:

Reverse Chronology

In this process, the incidents are described in the reverse order that is from end to the start.

Linear Chronology

In this type, the incidents are placed in a normal chronological order. Thus, arranging the incidents or the descriptions one after the another.

Non-linear Chronology

The writer does not follow any so-called sequence. He/she describes the events as different happenings. No specific chronological order is followed in this type of essay.

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