What is PEEL writing? Tips & Trick to write a PEEL paragraph

PEEL structure is basically a format through which the amateur learners get acquainted with the writing of a well-structured essay. PEEL is an important skill. Schools train their students to make sure that their essays are presentable. It is undoubtedly important for exams. However, it also promotes a discourse formation that a student treasures even in the adult phase. Essay writing follows a persuasive tone. When you write an essay, you are convincing your reader to your academic views. Thus, to create a convincing essay content, you need to get familiar with the writing style. has PEEL experts who can brief you about the PEEL writing in detail. We have witnessed that the PEEL structure has totally slipped the minds of many aspirants. This is one of the reasons we have launched the exclusive PEEL program. Do you know, this structure is involved with our everyday life? How? Suppose you are in the midst of an argument or a debate, the learning will help you to state your views in precise and logical ways. Precision and focused perspective is the key to a compelling essay. Thesis statements also consist of opinions and persuasiveness. Thus, you must utilize this technique, while writing a thesis statement.

Explaining PEEL structure

The full form of PEEL is: Point, Evidence, Explain and Link. You have to understand each of the points to the core in order to take a concrete stance by your statement.

  • Point

It is the foremost aspect of PEEL structure. You need to first state the points. The introductory or the opening sentence is a way of informing the reader about the topic and view. A transparency in the first sentence of the para will engage your readers in reading your views.

The irrelevant content in the paragraph makes no sense. In fact, it will not let you state your views properly and may put your readers against your views.

  • Evidence

When you write an essay, it is your duty to pursue your readers. The persuasive tone comprises authority and knowledge. You have to either make them trust your views or change their hearts.

When you include evidence in your essay, it becomes more authoritative. The inclusion of facts is the best way to convince your readers logically. Adding facts to the essay is useful. Your readers can now connect the conclusion with the facts.

Thus, they have no other choice but to agree with you. Including concrete facts involves loads of research. Moreover, you need to fact check the information as well.

This is impossible without our experts.

  • Explain

After you write all your points and figures, you have to explain each one of them. Convincing content like this generally involves call-to-action. In other words, this is what you want your readers to believe.

In this case, the call-to-action refers to informing a reader about your views. Simultaneously, agreeing with them that your views are way too logical. Through explaining your views, you are influencing your readers more.

The explanation must be strong enough to support your views and there should be no doubt regarding it.

  • Link

It indicates ending one point and starting another. It is indeed difficult to start a new point, immediately after ending the other. However, this is the only way to make your essay an authoritative piece of writing.

Most of the students do not understand the link and end up making their essays messy. Our PEEL experts are efficient in maintaining the link throughout an essay. Check our website samples to clear your doubt.

Once, you are finished stating all the points, including some fillers. The fillers or link is an important feature. An inferior essay comprises information that is interconnected.

Experts always make a draft before preparing the final content of your essay.

Tips to write a paragraph using PEEL structure

If you have an experience of writing a PEEL structures paragraph, you can follow these tips. Nevertheless, for a beginner, experts' guidance is the only option. The team of has customized strategies for each essay.

  • Well-structured introductory paragraph

The introduction will disclose the idea of the topic. It will also include your views but in an indirect and brief manner. Do not use pronouns like I.

  • Prepare your paragraph

Our experts suggest planning your writing before executing it. This is an ideal way to write an essay. It saves time and brings 100% accuracy to the content.

Are you confused about the planning? No worries! Chat with our customer support to book an appointment with our executives. They will take care of everything!

To convince your readers with your essay, it must be accessible and understanding. To put such organized thoughts in a paper, brainstorming is extremely important. Never forget to consult our expert while brainstorming your ideas.

In this way, you can write a flawless essay at once. The experts will also guide you with points that you will include as examples.

  • Selecting the examples

Information without an example makes no sense. One such hollow statement is sufficient to create a flaw in your essay. Moreover, it will also leave your reader in a state of confusion.

Do you know how experts make the examples work? They shortlist a chunk of examples and then choose the best among them. For example: Choose an example consisting of a simile. A simile conveys an intense meaning.

It is also one of the difficult techniques.

Explain the importance and meaning of it. This example should exhibit your critical thinking behind it. Do you think critical thinking is easy? What are you waiting for? Our writers are just a click away.

  • Including the linking statement

You must add this kind of statement for drawing a conclusion to the argument.

  • Proofreading

Proofreading is the ultimate secret of accuracy. As soon as you finish writing your essay, review it. In the course of proofreading your essay, you will encounter the mistakes.

The micro management of the flaws like grammar, spelling, readability and sentence structure is a technique to create pristine essays.

How professional help is learning PEEL structure?

The above-mentioned tricks are extremely useful while following a PEEL structure. If you still have any doubt regarding this, get in touch with the Our writers have an expertise in this field and they can pen down the thoughts in a well-structured format.

An expert’s guidance will help you to boost your knowledge and the fundamentals of flawless writing

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Remember, not many students are accustomed with the pattern of formal essay writing. These essays differ with the informal essays both in terms of content and pattern.

Here, we are going to answer the most asked question: how is PEEL learning beneficial?

  • Thesis and assignment writing are an important part of our adult academics. While writing either of them, you need to be reasonable with your facts and figures. Presentation of the views in an adequate format is also necessary for a flawless presentation.

  • A focused writing also ensures that your stance is strong and logical.

  • It helps to maintain the link with the actual topic. A deviated track of content never establishes a robust view.

  • PEEL writing also includes examples. An example gives your point a new meaning.

Maintain a checklist prior to beginning your PEEL paragraph. As soon as you are finished with the paragraph, cross-check it with your list. It will make your essay writing process easier. Such an organizing task reduces the chance of any mistake.

  • Is your paragraph properly planned

It is the most important and also the neglected part of writing. You can write impeccable content only with a plan! When you are on the verge of a deadline, you get anxious and skip this step.

This is not the right way! A proper planning will save your proofreading time. Do you know how to begin planning? Brainstorming is the first step.

This is not at all an easy process. Keeping your thoughts intact throughout the essay is a little tough. Experts are experienced writers so they do not have to invest much time on either planning or brainstorming.

  • Is your topic already mentioned?

A concise way of expressing your idea is the introduction about the topic to your readers. You already know that the use of the first person is strictly forbidden. When you get deeply engrossed in writing, you may mention "I" in the writing.

Do not worry! Such minute mistakes are common. Your readers know that you are  the author of the topic.

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