PEEL Paragraph Writing Style: How is it done

Academic writing, which forms a major part of a scholar’s academic life is an extremely tricky skill to master and it carries a number of aspects which must be understood and implemented really well by the understudy in order to attain mastery over this essential skill. Every scholarly article/essay/piece must have a structure as it is very easy to get carried over by the student, given the tons of research which is required to write the assignment in the correct format. In order to avoid such misadventures on part of the students and to ensure that the scholarly writing undertaken by the student remains meaningful and not redundant or unnecessary information which does not help the student’s cause; the faculty often let the student know their expectations and the correct writing format which is obligatory for the students to follow while writing the assignment. There are a number of writing styles which the particular assignment may require the understudy to follow in order to comply with the University/ faculty requirements. Some of them have been enumerated hereunder:

  • Essay Style Writing.
  • Memo Writing.
  • Dissertation Style Homework Writing.
  • IRAC Style Assignment Writing.
  • PEEL Style Homework Writing.

In this article we shall focus on one of the most dynamic styles of writing which the understudies are asked to follow while writing their homework or assignment, which is namely PEEL style of writing which helps the students remain focussed on the job at hand.

PEEL Style of Writing

It is very easy for a student to digress from the topic while writing his assignment and a student who does not follow a structure is often like an aimless rider who is highly unlikely to reach his destination. PEEL writing provides a structure to write the assignment in a proper flowing structure and the features of the style are hidden inside the word itself. The same is explained hereunder:


P-        Point

E-        Evidence/ Explanation

E-        Examples

L-        Links

Point- This part of the PEEL style of writing is the most important as it relates to focal point of the essay/assignment under consideration. In this part of the assignment, the understudy must write the main argument or hypothesis statement which the understudy seeks to substantiate in course of the assignment in question. It is important to set the tone early in the assignment and as such making the Point clear in the very first paragraph helps set the tone properly and also lets the reader know what to expect during the remainder of the assignment and what the writer seeks to establish by the end of assignment.

Evidence- This is a crucial part of the assignment as in this part of the assignment, the writer must seek to substantiate the hypothesis statement written in the first paragraph through evidence. In scholarly work, this evidence usually comes in the form of case studies, textbooks, newspaper articles, scholarly journal articles, web pages etc. such form of evidence substantiation is result of secondary research. Secondary research is extremely significant as in absence of proof, hypothesis statement remains unsubstantiated or unproven, thereby defeating cause of the assignment. Initially such a task may seem herculean for students, especially freshers and such students can simply take advantage of “do my homework” facility at It is extremely important that the students make adequate reference to these research materials while writing this part of the assignment as not doing so would result in a serious risk of plagiarism and would taint the hard work of the student and invalidate the assignment completely. It is important to understand that the students must follow all the protocols pertaining to ethical aspects of assignment writing because evidence must be laid out clearly and making adequate referencing in the prescribed format would help the student establish the hypothesis statement clearly and also score good grades in the paper.

Explanation- Once the hypothesis statement is made and supporting evidence is laid down, it needs to be explained properly in such a manner so that not only the faculty but even a layperson reading the assignment should be able to understand the same. It is imperative that each point is explained properly and in detail given the word limit restrictions in the assignment. The link between the hypothesis statement must be explained with supportive evidence so that there is coherence between the hypothesis statement and supporting evidence. It is significantly necessary that the assignment must appear as a flowing piece of work and there should not be nay hiccups or jumps adopted by the student.

Link-  As has been repeatedly stressed in course of this article, it is important that different parts of the assignment must appear to be logical flowing piece of work as that the reader must know what to expect next in the assignment and the written material must not appear haphazardly created concoction of words. It is imperative that each subsequent paragraph must connect to end of the preceding paragraph so that the cohesiveness and cogency of arguments can be retained throughout the assignment. This might seem a very trivial aspect of assignment writing, but this in fact the most crucial aspect since link is the part which ensures that the assignment is cohesive and progressing logically throughout the course of assignment and helps the scholars attain good grades.

Secret Tips to a great PEEL style writing of assignment:

While writing assignments, on the face of it, may seem to be a very simple task, but it carries so many subtle nuances which quite often prove to be a mountainous job to be undertaken. As always, the Great Assignment Helpers are more than willing to help our scholar friends and here are a few tips to ace the PEEL writing format for our student friends:

  • Use Concise and Precise Language: One common mistake that scholars commit is use of their normal lingo while writing a scholarly assignment. While abbreviations and hep words are welcome in our day-to-day life, maintaining the dignity and integrity of academic writing requires that chaste language is used while writing assignment. Scholarly writing often stands test of time and as such it is always advisable that proper language must be used to write the assignment.
  • Do Proper Research Before Starting Assignment: Since all parts of PEEL writing style are interlinked, it is incumbent that proper academic research must be conducted beforehand by the scholars. Since the writer is aware of the hypothesis statement, it would always help if the relevant sources of information in evidence part must be collected and identified in advance so that they can be placed appropriately in the assignment.
  • Use of good Examples: At times it helps to make a complex topic simple, if the writer uses good examples. So it is advisable that the scholars should consider using good examples wherever needed. However, as with everything else in the PEEL format, the example must be linked to the hypothesis statement and the evidence submitted by the scholar.

As has been discussed hereinabove, PEEL writing style is one of the most popular styles of writing. It is also important for students to understand and learn different styles of assignment writing which is extremely difficult given the busy schedule of students. In such circumstances it is always advisable that the students reach out to our assignment writing experts.