Insights On The Use Of Taboo Words In Academic Writing

Several words and phrases are acceptable in everyday informal conversations but not in academic writing, such as a thesis paper or dissertation. These words are recognised as taboo words in academic circles, and they should be avoided in academic writing due to their ambiguous, informal, or subjective nature. When quoting from a direct source, however, such restrictions do not apply.

It's too casual

When compared to other sources such as websites and blogs, academic writing has a more official tone. In general, academic writing is more formal than casual communication. Here is a list of words that should not be used in academic writing since they are considered casual. Our assignment writers use the right words to get you the right scores.


Taboo words



A bit

It was a bit hard to find the house.

The house was difficult to find.

A lot of, a couple of

A lot of classes to attend

(Several/Many/Ten) classes to attend


A scientist from America

A scientist from the (United States of America/US)

Contradictions like Can’t, won’t, isn’t

The recipe isn’t perfect

The recipe is not perfect

Sort of, kind of

It was kind of cold outside

It is significantly/somewhat cold outside

Till, till

From 2018 till present

From 2018 (until/to) present

You, your as in the second person

You can clearly understand the benefits

One can clearly understand the benefits

The benefits can be clearly understood

The start of a sentence that isn't formal.

Some words can be considered acceptable in certain contexts, but when used at the beginning of a sentence, they become too informal. Appropriate transition words can be used to replace such words at the beginning of the sentence or completely remove them. Our essay writers keep all this in mind so that you do not suffer.

Taboo words




Also, the opposition was in favour of abolishing the draconian laws.

Furthermore/Moreover, the opposition was in favour of abolishing the draconian laws.


So, it can be concluded that the current highways need proper maintenance.

(Therefore) it can be concluded that the current highways need proper maintenance. 


And most of the offences were against minors.

Most of the offences were against minors.


Besides, every participant signed an agreement before the trial.

Additionally, every participant signed an agreement before the trial.

Insufficiently sophisticated

If you use simple and basic terms all the time, your writing will appear rudimentary and immature. If you wish to enhance your writing, try to avoid overusing such basic terminology. It's a good idea to replace such simple terms with their substitutes. Dissertation writers are well acquainted with such skills. 

Nonetheless, some of these terms can be found in scholarly books. For example, "this red line illustrates the zone of battle" or "This map shows the exact location of the treasure" are both acceptable examples. Long and sophisticated words, on the other hand, do not improve your writing. A good academic work should be short and to-the-point, and it should employ a variety of words. Hiring an essay expert means that you don't have to worry about all such things.

Taboo words




The weather was bad.

The weather was unpleasant.


A Big storm

A (large/sizable) storm  


This website gets good traffic.

This website receives good traffic


This ending gives the reader a clue.

This ending (offers/presents) the reader a clue.


A good story

A (useful/informative) story.


The diagram below shows

The diagram below (illustrates/describes)

Too hazy

Using words that are too vague can make your writing imprecise and cause the reader's interpretation to be skewed. As a result, being as specific as possible is critical. Assignment experts have all such thighs in mind while writing your essay.

Taboo words




I have to deal with my own stuff.

I have to deal with my own (belongings/problems)


Many things are filed in the report.

Many (evidence/details) are filed in the report.

A long time, while

This treasure has fascinated explorers for a long time.

This treasure has fascinated explorers for over three decades.

Excessively dramatic

Academic writing should be straightforward and devoid of hyperbole. Adverbs such as frequency (never, always, etc. ), superlatives (best, worst, etc. ), and intensifiers (very, too, etc.) may unfortunately represent a great deal of exaggeration. Though such words are frequently misunderstood, they can occasionally bring value. However, use them with caution and caution. You may take dissertation help to avoid such silly mistakes.


Taboo words



Always, never

Economists always argue on

Economists (frequently/typically) argue on

Best, worst, perfect, most or other superlatives.

This is the best solution to combat pollution.

This is the ideal solution to combat pollution.

Very, too or other intensifiers.

The rainforests are very important for the survival of the planet.

The rainforests are critical for the survival of the planet.


It is far too subjective.

Some prohibited terms and phrases are arbitrary and reflect personal prejudice. If you say something will happen, for example, you are stating something apparent rather than a fact. It is permitted to express your perspective or point of view in some sections of an academic text, such as a personal statement essay or an argumentative essay, depending on the type of academic text. In most circumstances, however, it is necessary to use such terms with caution. Allow the facts to speak for themselves by taking an objective approach. Essay writers have all such things in mind while writing your essay.


Taboo words



Wonderful, beautiful, good, bad etc

The novel received many good reviews.

The novel received many positive reviews.


The actors naturally had a good time.

The actors had a good time.

Of course, obviously, definitely etc.

The results obviously speak for themselves.

The results clearly speak for themselves.

In most cases, it is unneeded.

You should aim to be as concise and direct as possible in your academic writing. Avoid employing words and phrases that, despite their attractiveness, offer no meaning to the writing. You may search for ‘do my essay’ if you do not wish to take all this hectic. 


Taboo words



Have/has got

The novel has got eight chapters

The novel has eight chapters

Helps to/ serves to

This paragraph serves to add new meaning to the text.

This paragraph adds new meaning to the text.

In most cases, inaccurate.

Many terms are misused, sometimes even by native speakers. If you keep finding such errors, you can start to believe that they are correct. However, you must avoid making such errors when writing. Also keep in mind that such blunders and inappropriate words can occur in everyday talks. Some speakers, for example, may use would of rather than would have. Take our homework help to get rid of all such worries.


Taboo words




The slaves literally dying of hunger.

The slaves dying of hunger.

Had of, would of

The experiment would of consisted of

The experiment would have consisted of

Other suggestions

You must refrain from using the following words and phrases:

  • Jargon: Technical or insider jargon that the average reader would not understand.
  • At the end of the day, clichés are overused statements such as "thinking beyond the box."
  • Abbreviations commonly used in everyday conversations: photo, fridge, TV, and so on.
  • Cool, dope, and other slang terms
  • The sexist language: "Firemen are like seamen."

Exceptions: Depending on the nature of content, there are some instances where taboo terms can be used in academic texts. Argumentative essays, personal statements, and other texts have a considerably less formal tone. You are not required to strictly follow the guidelines in such texts. The preface and acknowledgement sections of dissertations are often less formal and have a more personal tone than the rest of the text.

Taboo Words: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for not utilising banned terms in academic writing?

Academic writing is more formal and concise than other types of writing. As a result, using taboo words or phrases is not acceptable because they can detract from the text's effectiveness by introducing unnecessary, informal, ambiguous, exaggerated, or incorrect elements.


What are some of the circumstances in which it is acceptable to use taboo words?

Some sections of the text require a less professional tone with a more personal voice, which allows the use of some banned terms, depending on the type of writing. Our dissertation writers suggest that you should not overuse them, though. 

What are some words to avoid using in your writing?

The author should avoid utilising technical jargon, ordinary abbreviations, slang, and clichés when producing academic materials.

Is it possible to use prohibited terms in everyday conversation?

Yes, because social discussions do not follow a tight adherence to a formal format, prohibited words are allowed in everyday discourse.

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