How to Write good essays in english?

One of the best ways of improving your English is to write essays. One may not only develop the vocabulary from writing essays but also can check his or her creative skills by writing essays daily. You may see a rapid change in your writing skills if you go on writing essays on a daily basis. One of the first and the foremost things you need to do in such a scenario is to select some good topics on which you could write essays. Today in a globalised world where the distance between nations is shrinking day by day a common mode of communication has become a prime importance for any business operation and hence to fetch a good job. 

English is a global language spoken almost in all corners of the world. Learning a new language is always fun, especially when you know that learning such a language will give you the advantage of being able to converse all around the world. Whether it is an academic or it is your professional career you will always need to maintain a strong hold on English as a medium of communication.

There are many for whom speaking English or writing in it is just another piece of cake while on the other hand there are many who are not able to read and write in this language. The biggest problem of speaking English or writing in it is the lack of vocabulary, grammar comes next. Let's see how we can, if we wish to, improve our English. Following is a list of topics on which you may write essays for your daily practice:

  1. Will this pandemic make the masks a permanent feature in our life?
  2. Is online schooling as good as offline one?
  3. How can homesickness and stress be avoided in a lockdown?
  4. Has the lockdown impacted family relations positively or negatively?
  5. How effective are facemasks in preventing the infection?
  6. How may you maintain your connections while still in quarantine?
  7. What is the biggest academic challenge ?
  8. How can graduating seniors make the most of their final semester at home?
  9. What new customs might emerge as a result of the COVID-19 situation?
  10. What is the most effective way for the country to reopen?
  11. How has COVID-19 improved the lives of students? in a negative way?
  12. What impact will COVID-19 have on college planning for students?
  13. Should school districts make changes to their sick-day policies?
  14. What can teachers do to improve online classes?
  15. When studying at home, how can students make the most of their time?
  16. What are the greatest ways for parents of primary school pupils to assist their children in learning at home?
  17. After COVID-19, will more families explore homeschooling?
  18. What is the most effective approach to avoid becoming infected with the coronavirus?
  19. Which student groups suffer the most as a result of having to study from home?
  20. What are the greatest strategies to help students who are learning handicapped or physically challenged learn at home?
  21. COVID-19 has what effect on mental stress? What is the most effective way to deal with it?
  22. Does the physique have any psychological impact?
  23. Should there be a change in the way of advertising?
  24. Is romanticism causing problems in the real world?
  25. How beneficial are the beauty pageant contests?
  26. What is the reason behind the boom of the fashion industry in India ?
  27. Is advertising the reason behind the soaring health market segment?
  28. Should there be less focus on the physique in the modern fashion Industry?
  29. Should the fashion brands be more sensitive about body shaming issues?
  30. Why is there a rush towards plastic surgeries to look better?
  31. Is the conception of an ideal body shape being created by the toys?
  32. How may a young woman develop a healthy body image?
  33. Is it possible to keep informed by watching satire and comedic news?
  34. What exactly is "fake news"?
  35. Is it possible to have "unbiased reporting"?
  36. In the digital age, what is the best role for news reporters?
  37. Is it true that amateur journalism produces better news?
  38. Will newspapers be phased out or relegated to the digital realm?
  39. Is crowdsourced journalism going to be a big deal?
  40. Is it possible that our news coverage is too limited?
  41. How useful is speech "fact checking"?
  42. Why didn't the media correctly predict the 2016 US presidential election or Brexit?
  43. What effect does food have on our mental health?
  44. Is our microbiota really in charge of our minds?
  45. Is it possible to reverse drug-induced brain damage?
  46. What are the mental impacts of marijuana?
  47. Can learning to lucid dream be beneficial to you?
  48. What is the best way to treat PSTD?
  49. Is virtual reality anything more than a game?
  50. Are video games harmful to children?
  51. What impact does the Internet have on our intelligence?
  52. What role should race play in the formation of the American identity?
  53. What is the greatest method to assist an alcoholic friend or relative?
  54. What impact will 3-D printing have on our future?
  55. What research is the most promising in terms of assisting disabled people?
  56. Is it a good idea to have self-driving trucks?
  57. Is face-detecting software an effective technique to combat identity theft?
  58. What impact would practical quantum computers have on our lives?
  59. What impact will 360-degree selfie cameras have on the way we share our lives with others?
  60. What ramifications does the Cell Atlas have?
  61. Is it beneficial to connect our home devices or not?
  62. Is it possible for computers to become intelligent?
  63. Is it better to use a PC or a Mac?
  64. Should people be evaluated based on what they post on social media?
  65. Is online dating just a gimmick, or can it lead to long-term relationships?
  66. Should texting while driving be prohibited?
  67. Is technology shortening our attention span?
  68. Is there a role for social media in the classroom, such as Twitter?
  69. Is social media having a harmful impact on the social life of teenagers?
  70. What impact is social media having on parent-child relationships?
  71. Is it acceptable to look at your phone or text when in a social situation?
  72. When it comes to publishing on social media, what standards should college or high school students follow?
  73. How do parents deal with the issue of their child being bullied on social media?
  74. Why should you join the ROTC?
  75. When it comes to studying, how can people improve their concentration?
  76. What is the most effective method for asking a date to prom?
  77. Is it worthwhile to study abroad?
  78. What is the best sport for us to participate in at our school? What is the story behind our school's mascot?
  79. What are the advantages of joining the FFA, BPA, or another school club?
  80. Is it necessary to acquire a foreign language in high school?
  81. Is prom really worth the money?
  82. What makes a dating relationship successful?
  83. Should more high schools provide apprenticeships or technical programmes so that students can find work soon after graduation?
  84. What is it about junk food that makes it so addictive?
  85. Is it a good idea to consume bottled water?
  86. Is it true that fad diets work?
  87. Is it true that going gluten-free makes people healthier?
  88. Which fast food restaurant has the most delicious food?
  89. What are the greatest places in town to eat for a low price?
  90. Starbucks or your neighbourhood coffee shop: which is better?
  91. Is it really necessary to "taste the rainbow"?
  92. What is the best athlete's diet?
  93. Is homework beneficial or detrimental to student achievement?
  94. Is private education, public school, or homeschooling better?
  95. Should mandatory vaccinations in public schools be maintained?
  96. Should "talented" youngsters be given more attention in school?
  97. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online high schools over regular high schools?
  98. Should high school students be required to take online classes?
  99. What is the most effective method for taking notes in class?
  100. What should I do to get the best assignment help?