How To Avoid Plagiarism In Academic Writing

What is Plagiarism?

In order to build up a sound composition in the process of academic writing, an understudy is required to adequately credit the sources he has researched to arrive at his key findings. Such referencing lends extra credibility to his/her writing work. However, there is a very fine difference between the process of referencing and incorporating external sources into one’s academic writings and the unethical practice of misrepresenting the borrowed idea as one’s own, also known as “plagiarism”.

The literal meaning of the verb Plagiarize is to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own without duly crediting the original source. It includes intentional or unintentional usage of someone’s ideas or words without properly citing the reference source. In the simplest words, to plagiarize is an attempt to pass off someone else’s work as your own.

Importance of avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism has often led to serious consequences in academic settings and hence an understudy cannot afford to plagiarize his work however unintentional it may seem to be. Being unethical at its very core, it is extremely crucial for an understudy to ensure that his/ her academic writing is totally free of any plagiarism or literary counterfeit. Besides eroding your credentials as a potential scholar, also it compromises your integrity and causes losing the respect and regard of your mentors. Further, it endangers your chances at future career advancements and professional referrals. In case you have been availing some sort of financial academic aids or privileges likewise, you may risk losing them. Nonetheless you may also expose yourself to the penal effects of potential legal action from the original creator for the said theft.

Hence, for a student undertaking academic writing work, it is strictly recommended to avoid copying or paraphrasing someone's published or unpublished work without proper acknowledgment, or misrepresenting such work as your own. In the following paragraphs we will discuss the methodical steps to avoid the risk of plagiarism in your academic writing process.

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Steps To Avoid Plagiarism In Academic Writing

The art of avoiding plagiarism develops from regular practice and experience of honest and ethical writing. Though it might sound a cool simple concept to a habitual composer or expert; for an understudy who is still learning the nuances of the subject matter or the art of scholarly writings, it is a very uphill task seemingly insurmountable quite often. The involved risk of incurring penal damages is all the more discouraging to the understudy.

Our experts panel undertaking your do my essay help you develop the confidence and provide you the necessary support to help create best quality writings at par the expectations of your faculty with respect to each parameter of excellence. To assist you steer beyond this taboo, here’s a methodology to avoid plagiarism in your writing.

Use a variety of sources

Don't simply limit yourself to just one source while writing your assignments.  Discussing concepts from a spread of sources shows that you simply have researched wide and you're ready to formulate your own views supported by your reading.  Remember, relevant sources may be out there in print and electronic formats.

Cite your sources

When drawing to a plan or phraseology that’s not your own, add a citation in your writing that identifies the total name of the supply, the date it had been revealed, and the other citation part that’s needed by the design you’re adhering to.

Don't simply reproduce

In your writing, describe different people's concepts or results (using references) and their importance to your argument, instead of merely repeating what you've got hands on.  Avoid mistreatment cut and paste choices in electronic material as this encourages you to easily copy what you've come across word for word.

Keep smart quality notes

If you're creating notes from your sources, keep in mind to place direct quotations in quotation marks and continually keep a note of your sources. This will make sure that you simply don't accidentally lift.  It additionally makes collating your references a lot easier while write my dissertation. You'll be able to keep track of your references employing a tool like Endnote.

Use quotation marks

If you need to quote a brief extract from another author's words specifically, do ensure you enclose these words in quotation marks to point that it's a right away quote.  Direct quotes should not be too frequently used and should not embody giant amounts of texts even. They ought to be used wherever you're producing a distinctive key concept or wherever you mention the actual idea you're picking up. Remember if you're using somebody else's concepts in your work you need to indicate this by duly referencing it. Always bear in mind that you need to reference your sources adequately.


Paraphrasing is producing a source’s concepts or contents in your own words and unique style, while not altering the essence of it. However be careful—paraphrasing often slips into plagiarism if done incorrectly. Successful paraphrasing while not plagiarizing is a very intricate art form. To paraphrase and format your writing in a creative means, you need to uphold the uniqueness of words or phrases of your own. The difficult part is doing the thing without altering the idea. Remember, you’re still lifting someone’s idea; therefore you ought to embody a due citation to the source.

There is a very thin margin of error that may lend you on the wrong side of having plagiarized your academic writing. In case you are confused at all, do not hesitate to secure yourself by subscribing to the do my homework support right away. It is really helpful and quite affordable even.

Develop your own vogue

You should develop your own variety of writing throughout your academic rein at University. Try and be brief and clear. Using the words of another author can be quite noticeable from the remainder of your work and will alert lecturers of possible plagiarism.

Use your own idea

Instead of parroting the source’s concepts or words, explore what you have got to mention concerning it. Introspect what distinctive perspective or purpose you'll be able to contribute in your writing that’s entirely your own. Do remember that if you’re alluding to a source’s concepts or words to border your own purpose, you still ought to apply the aforesaid steps to avoid committing plagiarism. If you’re writing on a related topic for multiple assignments, it may be tempting to recycle a number of your previous words—this is named “self-plagiarism”. The danger involved in self-plagiarism is simply as high if the faculty didn’t provide you with permission to utilize your recent work.

Use a plagiarism checker

While conducting your analysis on a subject, some phrases or sentences may accidently keep on with you so well that you simply unknowingly embody them in your writing without a citation. In case you are doubtful of such feeling, immediately go for an internet plagiarism checking tool that will assist you catch such problems before submitting your work.

There are many plagiarism checkers on-line, like the one offered by tiny SEO Tools. “Grammarly” additionally offers a plagiarism checker that scans your text for borrowed content without charge. These tools allow you to apprehend whether or not or not components of your writing are plagiarized—and some even highlight the particular words or sentences of concern and determine wherever the text originated from.


Above suggestions may be useful in avoiding plagiarism in your work and is well worth the effort. Gaining better grip as to what constitutes plagiarism and as to determining ways to avoid plagiarism ultimately requires rigorous regular practice. Considering the intricacies involved in identifying and avoiding plagiarism, as discussed in the above paragraphs, we always advise budding scholars to engage our expert specialists to write my dissertation and secure the best grades avoid the risk of getting caught plagiarizing and jeopardizing your academics. Great Assignment Helper team provides the best and most convenient do my essay assistance at the cheapest price.