How Do I Overcome Exam Stress and Fear | Tips for Australian Students

Parents’ expectations and the persistent aspirations to exceed render exam time intimidating. Not solely are you doing your final exams and toiling for your future, but you’ve had the challenges of the pandemic and remote learning to subsume too. It's quiet obvious to feel tense and disturbed before exams, and therefore we come with effective methods which may assist you manage your anxiety.

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What is Exam Stress?

Almost anybody will feel nervous or undergo a certain level of tension while countering some sort of assessment, be it exams, assignments, do my dissertation or research papers. This is often a natural response for students undertaking preparation prior, and through exams.

In fact, a moderate level of tension or stress is crucial to performing well – this helps us to be both mentally as well as physically alert for an exam or do my essay composition.

The problem arises when the level of anxiety increases past the optimum level and reaches an adverse level and starts to interfere with the learning or performance of examinees. Once anxiety is just too intense, we tend face difficulty learning skills or memorizing things required for the test; it gets too arduous to concentrate on queries, or demonstrate our information or skills throughout the test.

Even if you observe high levels of test anxiety in yourself, the great news is that it’s very much feasible learning effective ways to manage such stress in order that it doesn’t interrupt with the means of your performance.

What causes Exam Stress?

The remedies you'll find helpful in managing the Exam Stress shall be subject to factors that are causing the same. The Exam Stress could be a result of:

•   Negative past experiences of exams

•   Lack of requisite preparation, or relevant exam-taking techniques or study strategies

•   Unhelpful thought processes or negative mindset

•   Undue pressure to succeed and/or excel among peers

•   Fear of failing scholastic commitments

•   Poor self-care, inadequate sleep, improper diet, lack of exercise or relaxation.

Making efforts to grasp and establish what's leading to your specific kind of stress will assist you develop an efficient blueprint to tackle it.

Managing Exam Stress:

 A certain level of stress is often helpful. Stress motivates you to urge out of bed and drives you to prepare for exams to perform well. It shifts you into action. However once an excessive amount of hormone and negative thoughts penetrate in the form of stress, it gets counter-productive. Once anxiety gets too high, your performance levels, focus and concentration drop. Therefore use that stress to remain focused. The key's to not let it surge to the level of counter productivity. Use the stress, don’t let the stress use you!

Assuming stress to be a glass of water, when you first hold it up, it doesn’t hurt. However the longer you hold it, the heavier it gets and starts hurting. It gets difficult to cope. Like stress, if you don’t let go of it or move it around, it will weigh you down.

Take a pause and check out some of the ideas in this article. It is important to stop and seek help from somebody who understands the situation, and use relaxation techniques like physical exercises, meditation or engaging into hobbies.

1.    Take required breaks from those screen times

In 2020 we’ve relied heavily on technology, however it’s created for a synthetic style of living. Online conferences and online classes cause fatigue, therefore it’s vital that once you do take those crucial breaks, to conjointly take a pause from the screens. Take breaks as usually as you'll be able to, ditch those screens and simply chill.

2.    Focus ahead and dwell not within the past!

After every test is over, try and decompress. Treat yourself to one thing extremely totally different from your studies. Do one thing that produces you cheerful – bear in mind, laughter may be a natural stress reliever. It’s vital to appear forward and concentrate on your own accomplishments and goals. Once a test is finished, there’s nothing a lot of you'll be able to do. Feel proud you bought through and don’t hesitate what all could have been.

Say "no" to parties throughout the weeks when exams are approaching. This can facilitate to stay you invigorated and energised. While learning, switch your phone and email off to prevent the distractions.

3.    Plan: An excellent way to tackle exam stress and anxiety is by making an in depth blueprint for studies. Having a well-structured study plan can assist you become a lot organized, productive and intended; thence keeping away stress and anxiety and helping you control over matters.

•    Prepare a study plan and list of goals for every day / week. Ensure it's balanced with different vital things in your life - that means it'll be easier to follow.

•    Talk to your employers early to convince them to limit your shifts / hours while preparing for exams.

•    Create a study area that's comfy, quiet, well lit, organised, and has no distractions nearby, like a TV, phone, individuals talking, etc.

•    Make certain you've got everything you wish for every study session as this helps to feel a lot of assured and organized.

4.    Time management: A lot of usually than not, the explanation for college kids browsing extreme stress throughout exam time because they suppose there’s heaps to revise in little or no time. You'll be able to simply counter this drawback if you manage some time sagely. Begin your preparations well before your exams begin, divide some time in step with the issue level of an issue and check out your best to stick to the study plan. Implementing effective time management strategies will enable you relax and study at a cushy pace.

5.    Prepare as best as you can Preparing for the take my online exam for me or do my dissertation early enough, and applying effective study techniques that assist you learn, understand, and retain knowledge. Being well-prepared goes a protracted extent to assist you feel assured concerning your study material, which may ultimately keep in restraint the stress due to exam or do my homework.

•    Read/ write everything thrice as this conjointly helps to commit the information to memory.

•    Use your trial test results to focus in on what you need to focus on.

•    Use previous test papers to understand what to expect.

•    Ask friends what they're doing that's serving to with their study or friends who did it in the prior years.

•    You got to study during the twenty four hours preceding the exam to retain as much information as possible.

6.    Seek Help:

•    Practice writing do my essay and show your academics for feedback for improvement.

•    Ask academics efficient ways to study they could suggest from their years of experience; for each subject

•    Group study sessions with classmates may be a useful and amusing means of learning, however keep your concentrate on what you would like to attain with these sessions.

•    Talk concerning what you're learning with relatives and friends as this helps to retain the information a lot, particularly names and dates. You may also seek their advice on the best online assignment help you should seek for.

7.    Sleep: sleeping well is crucial, particularly throughout exams. The advantage of getting correct sleep is usually underestimated. However, studies and scientific experiments have established that sleep helps your brain absorb a lot of information and bear in mind info for extended periods of your time. Moreover, an good night’s sleep will assist you concentrate higher and scale back stress.

8.    Eat healthy: It's been scientifically established that having sensible and healthy food contributes considerably to fret reduction. It helps you detoxify, causes you to feel sensible from among and works wonders to keep your mind freed from negative thoughts.

9.    Exercise: Exercise and different physical activity have established to be a wonderful stress buster. If you don’t like rigorous physical activity, you'll be able to conjointly pick a fast walk. Whereas students may suppose that the simplest ways to suppress exam anxiety is to review for hours, that's not the case. Your brain must relax to be able to browse, interpret and consume information. A 20-minute walk will offer your brain the break that it must tackle exam stress.

10.   Seeking stress busters: Music and chocolates works wonders once it involves test stress. Being attentive to music lightens your mood, making a positive and pleasant setting. As a result, you'll feel intended to review longer with higher focus. Bubble Wrap and Dogs are also good means to relieve stress. Sound bubble wrap may be a fun activity and guess what? It relieves stress too. Another good way to release anxiety is by choosing some pet medical aid. They not solely mitigate anxiety, however conjointly assist you focus higher. Dogs will scale back stress and increase happiness levels among students suffering from exam stress.


Stress is natural. it is the body's means of sharpening focus, and of accelerating stamina and application, in order that you'll be able to rise to challenges and face powerful things. This kind of stress is productive stress. On the opposite hand, unproductive stress will cause health problems and different issues. It’s vital to be able to relieve or manage unproductive stress.

The key to managing stress is finding the sweet spot between both types. The above discussed activities of stress management techniques for college kids ought to facilitate them tackle this easily and excel in their academic obligations such as assignments and exams.