Hooked To Your Device? Studies Show You Will Not Be Able To Finish Your Homework

Technology has become an integral part of our societies nowadays. Be it school or office, half of our work depends upon the use of technology. From telephone to toothbrush everything has a certain technical aspect attached to it. It is this technological integration in our daily lives that has compelled us to live us a tech integrated life. This is more concerning for college students than for anyone else as they are the one who are most tech savvy especially when it comes to  using digital technology and social media. As the main goal of any digital platform is to increase its user engagement, it keeps on adding more attractive features. It however doesn’t mean that all such features will be more useful or beneficial for the user but they will still take more of his time. 

This is one of the growing problems with college students. There are several studies which point out how the addiction of digital gadgets negatively impacts academic output. It has been proven that the more time you spend on social media platforms the more your studies will be impacted. However, to put all the cases in a single segment will not be correct. The use of digital technology may not always be limited to amusement. Infact its biggest use is in making the daily life products which makes our lives easier. It will still be true to comment that if technology is not the core field of your study, you are bound to be compromising with other academic aspects should you choose to spend more time with gadgets and technology. 

In such a scenario there are many students who look out for online assignment help services. One may go for an online help for assignments to get his assignment done by a professional. This will allow him some extra time to focus on other aspects of his technological hobbies and interests. There are several agencies online which may allow you to get your work done at a fraction of cost. 

Too Much Technology Can Make You Dumber – This study was conducted by a group of Dartmouth College researchers, and it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that technology can make you dumb. At least 300 people volunteered to take part in this study. Half of them were given PDF stories to read, while the other half were given physical books to read. Following that, both groups were put to the test on what they had learnt. Those who read the book correctly answered 66% of the questions, while PDF readers correctly answered 48% of the questions.

It Can Alter the Way You Think — According to a study published in the journal Psychology Today, if you are continually connected to your device from a young age, it can alter the way your brain is wired. Video games, for example, can boost your brain's ability to focus on many stimuli while also lowering your memory. So far, the odds are stacked against technology, and it has the potential to do more harm than good. After all, not being able to finish your assignment or becoming dumber are hardly desirable outcomes. On the other side of the fence, however, it's not all thorns and thistles. There are also rainbows and butterflies.

Despite all this there are some benefits of using the digital technology as well - 

Gadgets can inspire you to learn.

In today's environment, textbooks can be uninteresting, and they may not inspire you to put on your reading glasses and study like there's no tomorrow. However, digital technologies have the potential to change that. According to a study published on the website of the United States Department of Education, 74% of teachers say that using tablets and other technology in the classroom inspires pupils to learn by raising their interest in what is being taught.

They can be used as a source of real-time information.

It is not always practical to go to the library every time you have a question or to look up the definition of a word your teacher just uttered in a large dictionary. Digital equipment can assist you in arriving at instant resolutions when you require a quicker method. You can access any type of material at any moment, which can help you be more effective and save time while working on tasks.

They can assist you in planning for the future.

Technology will play a significant role in whatever profession you pursue in the future. To be successful, you must understand how to use gadgets to their full potential. Such expertise can assist you in dealing with challenges at work and in coordinating with the rest of your coworkers.

Following solutions may be considered to stay away from unnecessary usage of addictive technology:

1. Reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the television.

That doesn't imply you should go cold turkey and stop doing it all at once. The moment you try to do so, you'll find yourself wishing to return to your iPad. You must gradually reduce your time until it is well below the safe limit of no more than two hours per day. Even if you utilise technology to learn, you should strive to limit how much you use it and instead focus on traditional methods, which will help you retain the majority of what you've learned.

2. Listen to music to help you concentrate.

This can be useful in two situations: one, if music helps you concentrate better, and two, if you can't find a peaceful place to yourself and need to distract your attention to the task at hand. You cannot, however, play almost any form of music. Loud pop or rock music, for example, can cause you to lose focus on your assignment. Subtle classical music or even white noise, on the other hand, can help you concentrate better.

3. Eliminate All Distractions

Distractions are time wasters, and you don't need them when you finally sit down to finish your assignment. And if you think blocking social media is the only thing you need to do, you're mistaken. Online shopping sites, video games, and Netflix are just a few of the latest additions to the list of websites you should avoid (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). In fact, there may be even more sites that are distracting than you think, and the programme RescueTime may help you keep track of them.

4. Determine When Is The Best Time To Work

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to when is the best time to do your schoolwork. You'll have to go out and find your own. You can use the trial-and-error method for a few days until you hit the jackpot and discover the ideal timing for yourself. The best time of day to focus is when your concentration levels are at their highest. Your body clock will determine whether this occurs in the tiny hours of the morning, during languid afternoons, or in the deep silence of the night. Just make sure to schedule your homework around the times when you're most productive.

5. Create a new account

Log out of your primary account and log back in as a guest user instead of using it to log in to your computer and email. When you log in as a guest account, you won't be bombarded with notifications, which can seriously disrupt your attention and keep you from doing your schoolwork. It's a clever and inexpensive way to get you back on track. All you have to do now is make sure you're strong enough to resist the urge to log back in every few minutes.

6. Maintain a clutter-free work environment

Remember how your mother would tell you to keep your room and study table clean, and you would grumble angrily? It turns out that the woman was correct. When you sit down to conduct your work, a messy table can interrupt your attention because there will be a lot of things scattered around to distract you. For example, if you're completing arithmetic homework and your English book is strewn across the table, you can get distracted and abandon your calculations halfway through. To avoid this, make sure your desk is well-organised and supplied with everything you need.

7. Set aside a few minutes to prepare your brain for homework.

It's not easy to get from the entertainment station to the homework station. Only until your brain has had time to acclimatise to the sudden change will it be able to focus on the task at hand. Try casually flipping over the pages of your books to get your brain into homework mode. This will help you mentally prepare for the impending work. You can also re-copy your notes to get back into the swing of things when it comes to performing your assignment. You'll also have the opportunity to review what you've learned in class.

8. Speak Out Loud About Your Homework

If you have trouble concentrating while doing your schoolwork, read it aloud so that your mind has no choice but to concentrate. For example, if the arithmetic problem's difficulty is distracting you from solving it, read out all of the steps you've written to keep your attention on it. If you don't want to speak out loud, you can simply whisper to yourself and get the same impact.

9. Don't Take Too Much Caffeine

Yes, a cup of coffee can provide you with the boost in concentration you require. It can also boost your productivity and efficiency, allowing you to get more done in less time. However, if you drink more than the recommended amount (about 4 cups per day), you may find that your focus is impaired. Caffeine in large doses can make you hyperactive, causing you to feel restless and unable to concentrate on anything. As a result, use caution and do not consume more cups than you can tolerate.

10. Have a Timer.

Nothing can encourage your brain to focus entirely on your homework like a race against the clock. Setting a time restriction for yourself to complete a task will help your brain work at peak efficiency, allowing you to complete the assignment on time. The ideal timer to use is an egg timer. However, while setting the timer, make sure to slightly overestimate the time it will take you to complete the work. Also, try to avoid checking the timer every few minutes, as this will hinder you from focusing entirely on your task. We hope that these pointers will assist you in focusing so that you can do your schoolwork without being distracted. It's vital to remember that technology may be really beneficial if you know how to use it correctly. So, instead of using your digital devices excessively, make sure you utilise them in moderation.

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