Confused Between MLA and APA Format of Essay Writing? Here’s the Solution

You've been browsing over the various writing styles and found that the MLA and APA formats are very similar. When looking at the citation page, there isn't much of a difference between the two. While the citation pages in MLA 8 and APA 7 are very similar, there are a few key variations that you'll find if you examine them closely. If these things appear too confusing to you you must go for an online essay writing service.


When comparing the MLA and APA citation formats, you'll notice that they're formatted slightly differently. The distinctions won't pop out at you and say, "Hey, look at me." The variations between them are slight, but they boil down to what they were designed for.

The MLA (Modern Language Association) is an organisation dedicated to the arts and humanities. It aids in the deconstruction of quoting paintings, books, and other works of literature. The American Psychological Association (APA) is a professional organisation that publishes technical works in the social sciences. Citing journals and technical papers is a breeze with this format. While you can write a paper in either format, knowing how to use the proper style will make your life much easier. As a result, it's critical to dissect the differences between them. There are many students searching for - write my essay just because they don’t understand referencing styles. Our essay writing service is ready to help all such students.

What's in a Title, Anyway?

The title of the citation page is the most noticeable distinction between an MLA and an APA article. A Works Cited page will be included in MLA papers. On the other side, the APA citation page will be labelled References. The list of references will be double spaced and both titles will be centred at the top of the page. The title makes it simple to figure out which one you're looking at.

The Author Is Everything

Each style also formats how the author is credited in a somewhat different way. This is also unique if you get into several authors. Examine each one in turn to see how they differ when it comes to creating a citation. Essay help is an easy way out from all such complexities.

Background Information for MLA Format

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is the group in charge of creating the MLA format.

It was created as a way for researchers, students, and academics working in the domains of literature and language to style their papers and assignments in a consistent manner. This strategy of developing a paper or assignment in a regular, or consistent, manner enables for easy reading. MLA is now utilised in a variety of subjects besides literature and language; many others have adopted it as well.

In April 2021, the Modern Language Association published the 9th and most recent edition of its MLA Handbook. The Handbook includes detailed citation instructions as well as submission guidelines that follow the Modern Language Association's rules and standards. Despite the fact that we aren't affiliated with the MLA, our citation experts have put together this insightful and useful guide to the format. Our essay writing service UK may take care of all of this in case you're having any trouble with these aspects.

If you're looking for information on past editions of the Handbook, you've come to the right place. Do you want to know more about "What is MLA format?" and how it came to be? To discover more about past editions of the Handbook, go here.

Are you looking for advice on how to use a different style? Learn how to cite an APA journal, how to cite a book in APA, and more!


Author’s name in MLA will take the format: Last Name, First Name

Henry, John

Depending on how many there are, the author's formatting will change. The names of two authors will be separated by a "and." If there are three or more authors, start with the first and then add et al., which is Latin for "and others."

Two Authors: Gillespie, Paula and Neal Lerner

Three or More Authors: Gillespie, Paula, et al.


In APA format, you only write out the last name followed by the first and middle initial.

Henry, J. 

There are three different categories in APA when it comes to multiple writers. When there are two authors, use an ampersand (&) to separate them. You'll list all the names with commas separating them and an ampersand before the last one if there are fewer than twenty authors. If the source has more than twenty authors, mention the first nineteen, separated by commas, followed by an ellipsis (...), and finally the last author. Take a look at a few samples to get a better understanding.

Two Authors: Gillespie, P. H., & Lerner, N.

Twenty or Fewer Authors: Gillespie, P. H., Corn, D. P., Son, C. R., Barry, A. B., Harlow, T., & Beck, J.

More Than Twenty Authors: Gillespie, P. H., Corn, D. P., Son, C. R., Barry, A. B., Harlow, T., Beck, J., Jones, A., Robins, C., Jackson, S., Smith, J. P., Johnson, T., Turney, W., White, K. L., Hunter, B. A., Lewis, H., Beck, J., Winters, N. I., Young, L., Crow, J., . . . Ruben, H.

Title Capitalization

Title capitalization is important to style. MLA goes for header capitalization where every major word in the title is capitalised. Also called title case, this looks like:

Gleason, Jeff. Chaos: A Look at the Stars. RedRiver, 2010.

APA takes its own road. In APA, book titles and such will only capitalise the first word. This is sometimes called sentence case:

Gleason, J. (2010). Chaos: a look at the stars. RedRiver.


Examine That Period

The period is the last difference you'll notice in the basic format for each style. All works cited entries in MLA format end with a period. If the item ends in a URL or DOI, APA style does not add a period. Take our do my essay service and leave all such worries on us.

Other Minor Dissimilarities

On the citation page, you may find some minor changes between the two styles, but these may vary depending on what is being cited. The publication date, for example, is usually included at or near the end of an MLA citation. However, in APA, the publication date appears after the author's name. Our essay writing service takes all such things into account while writing your essay.

Knowing How to Cite

Although MLA and APA are extremely similar, they each have their own distinct style. Both include a reference page at the conclusion of the document, orient entries to the left, and centre the title. However, they format their entries in a unique way. When writing your school paper, follow your teacher's directions on which style to use. If you are still having problems with citations you must consider taking 

What's the difference between an MLA citation and an APA citation?

The manner in which MLA and APA citations are formatted differs. The last name and first name, as well as the title, are included in MLA citations. The author's last name and first initial are included in APA citations, as is the title in sentence case and no period after a URL