An Understanding of the Language Features and Structural Features

Language features and structural features are harder to understand. They are the essential components of essay writing. In other words, they are the building blocks of any essay or other forms of writing. To introduce these concepts into an essay you should take an expert’s advice. Our English essay writing help is the best in the market. These subject matter experts have the records of offering the best essay help. A structural feature is the property that a writer uses to mould or shape the writing to create an effect in the mind of the reader. It can be on the small scale like order of words or punctuation. On the other hand, it can be on the large scale that is overall the entire content. For major university exams like Language and Literature, the educator analyzes the manner in which the format and the structure are used in an essay. Both these techniques are used to craft a compelling descriptive and narrative content. There are a series of language features to ornament your essay. These specialized features are extremely complicated and confusing if not understood properly. All these you can avail at just an awesome rate. To acquire expertise on these features contact our experts now!

List of Structural features

The structural feature is basically how you fit the part of essays together to form an incredible piece of content. The following terms are used to describe each structural feature of the content.

  • Opening

First line of the introductory paragraph is known as opening. It should raise certain questions in the mind of the readers like: tone of the paragraph, the reason to choose such an opening of the text, introducing any significant part of the topic.

  • Ending

The last paragraph or the last few lines of any piece of writing. It also conveys the last impression of the entire piece, the final feeling, any surprising element.

  • Focal Point

It is concerned about highlighting any specific portion of the essay. It also mentions the reason for choosing that point. The contribution of the point to your writing and the reason readers should read the point with whole concentration also come under this category.

  • Shifting of Focus

This portion is related to shifting of the focus from one point to another or from narrow to wide focus. It also tells the reason for doing this.

  • Punctuation

The usage of basic punctuations or any kind of unique punctuations. The role of punctuation in the effect of specific sentences constructs the pace of writing.

  • Shifting of Time

The tense a writer uses, the reason he/she switches from one tense to another at some point in the writing, defines time shifting.

  • Length of the Structure

You have to analyze the sentence from the perspective of kinds of sentences like: complex sentences, compound sentences, and simple sentences. Each structure has an individual role in conveying the meaning.

  •  Length of the Paragraph

The length of the paragraph (long or short) and how it affects the whole content is the main aim of the paragarpgh’s length.

  • Listing

A list is a compilation of nouns. It is grouping the nouns together. It can be a syndetic listing (the placement of conjunction between two nouns) or asyndetic listing (the absence of conjunction between two nouns). The listing also covers the change in the mood (happy, stressed, busy, etc.) which also have a considerate effect on the pace of the writing.

  • Tripartite Structure

To give a clear effect to your writing, you must group phrases or three nouns in a row. This makes a mark in the mind of the readers and they will keep on wondering the reason you have included such points.

  • Narrator’s Perspective

Not every story is the same. There are different kinds of perspectives: omniscient, third person limited or first person. What kind of viewpoint is used to narrate the story has a great deal of effect on the plots and the events  and also the understanding of the readers.  

  • Recalling the Past

If there is a jump in the time such as the flashback of any past incident, the question why so happens. It also states the kind of effect it brings to the current situation.

  • Visualization of the Future

Just like the flashback, you may predict the future or the time ahead. It also questions the present effect of the flashforward in the essay and the reason for the gap.

  • Tension

It reveals whether there is a release or build up of the tension. It also unmasks the engagement of the story and how the pacing and punctuation help in creating the tension.

  • Cycle

It is the circle that connects the introduction with the conclusion. If both the parts are anyhow connected then what type of message does it convey to its readers. It also refers to feeling (repetitive, trapped or natural).

What is Language Feature

There is no fixed definition of language features. It depends on the context and the tales you want to convey your readers through writing. Hence, students are perplexed about the usage of these writing features.

You first need to decide the following:

  • Audience

  • Subject Matter

  • Text

To understand the detailed usage of each feature, you need to know their complexities first. Language is the only means of expressing your thoughts to others. So, it must be nurtured in a proper manner.

It also refers to the writing language where an author conveys his thoughts or opinions through writing. Language features analyze the way the writer pens his thoughts. The implementation of sentence structure, figure of speech, and the selection of vocabulary is essential for quality enhancement.

The Language Forms and Features

Since we have completed discussing the language features, we will now give you a brief insight of how those features bring a moderation in writing. There are two widely popular features of the English Language which you must know in the course of learning English.

  • Pun

You must have come across this term in many sentences. Words which are used as pun also generally contain a quote stating "pun intended". The term is coined when we generally use a word in a humorous manner. In other words, we try to convey a meaning which is different from the original one.

If you want to give your sentence a funny twist, you can use pun/puns. It will surely bring a broad smile to the face of your readers. Examples of pun are as follows:

Charles Dickens in his novel “Great Expectations” has exploited the word “point” in various ways. To know clearly, read the following:

“They seemed to think the opportunity lost, if they failed to point the conversation to me, every now and then, and stick the point into me.”

William Shakespeare’s  Romeo and Juliet is also famous for puns:

"Give me a torch: I am not for this ambling;

Being but heavy I will bear the light."

In the above lines, the dramatist plays with words to express different forms of sadness and casualty. Towards the later portion of the drama, you will also find a gruesome pun from Mercutio, who was stabbed deadly:

"Ask me for tomorrow, you shall find me a grave man."

Here the word "grave" signifies both seriousness and his nearing death.

  • Tone and Mood of the Essay

These are the most perplexing concepts an aspirant has to deal with. The tone is the attitude that you use while penning down a content or a story. The language feature like the tone shows whether your tone in s sentences is gentle or rude. For example: A serious topic can have witty tone, whereas a funny topic can have sarcasm. This is possible with the careful choice of words and adequate instructions.

The mood is an element that implants certain thoughts in the mind of the readers. Suppose, the feeling a reader experiences while reading your writing is the mood. It is responsible for creating the mood of your essay or story. It can be happy, light, dark or heavy.

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