80 Statistics Project Ideas to Write An Excellent Content

Statistics is concerned with collecting, analysing and organising data to make some comprehensible conclusions out of it. It has been a major economic discipline for a long time. It forms the backbone of economic understanding and policies whether government or private rely heavily on it. The 21st century is called the age of data and data has become a new oil for many. But just like centuries ago without proper extraction methods and harnessing technology oil was not of much use, today data is useful if it may be analysed and utilised to serve some purpose. 

We may see a data rush all over the world. The big techs are now focusing more on collecting data and devising methodologies to obtain useful information from it. The know-how which makes this 21st century data very precious comes from the study of statistics. Over the period of development it has devised various methods and formulas which may effectively organise the data in a comprehensible form to make the hitherto hidden pattern visible. These patterns may then be used to make predictions and understand the demand, sentiments, hurdles or problems in policy implementation. Although these predictions do not guarantee anything about the success of the project or policy, they are very much helpful in making informed and rational plans for successful implementation of the policies and planning for contingencies which may arise during such contingencies. 

There are a lot of students who enrol every year in universities to study statistics. They often search for project ideas which may make their efforts stand out and fetch them good marks. We are listing here some of such ideas which may be helpful for such students. In case you find it hard to write upon them you may also take online statistics help to improve your marks and make your project stand out.

Statistics Project Ideas for College

  1. How much time do students spend on social media?

  2. A comparative study of male and female students in college?

  3. What is the cost of different courses in different colleges?

  4. What is the ratio of students who get married after college?

  5. What do students browse on the web?

  6. What are pros and cons of allowing cellphones in colleges?

  7. Does the seating position in classes have an impact on the success rates of students?

  8. What are the impacts of sitting back in the classes?

  9. What are the music preferences of the students?

  10. How are the birth order and success in academics related to each other?

  11. How much caffeine do college students consume and what impact does it have on their health?

  12. What is the popular genre of music amongst the college students?

  13. What are the important aspects which impact the choice of subjects?

  14. How prone are the college students to drug addiction?

  15. What are the most common subjects chosen by college students?

Statistics Project Ideas about Business

  1. How does social media impact business sales?

  2. How does financial inclusion promote economic development?

  3. Is there any relation between higher alcoholism and lower salaries?

  4. What is the state of women safety and complaint redressal systems in corporate bodies?

  5. How does social media affect the performance of an employee?

  6. What are the impacts of cost estimation on business.

  7. Secretaries and preparation of work schedules by them.

  8. What are the factors which reduce productivity at the workplace?

  9. Impacts of the leader - employee relations on a company.

  10. Is there any pattern or trend in death causes of business elites?

  11. How important is internal communication at the workplace?

  12. What is the importance of assessment analysis?

  13. Do business tools help in increasing the effectiveness of employees?

  14. What role do modern communication technology play in management of businesses?

  15. How can optimum utilisation of business tools be ensured in a business? 

Socio-Economic Statistics Project Ideas

  1. Explanation of income distribution in societies.

  2. How important are loans for the primary sector in developing economies?

  3. What are the consumption trends in low income countries?

  4. How do offences and their gravity change from one region to other?

  5. What is the interrelations between poverty and crime rate of a locality?

  6. Sources of revenue and expenditure of local governments.

  7. Corruption and malpractices in low income countries.

  8. How are road accidents in towns, cities and rural areas different?

  9. What are the peak traffic hours?

  10. How does smoking increase medical costs?

  11. How are exercise and medical expenses related to each other?

  12. What is driving the rapid expansion of cities?

  13. How do per capita income and healthcare costs relate to each other?

  14. Importance of training youth in low income communities.

  15. How does death and birth impact the economy of a place?

  16. How are fuel prices and food inflation related to each other?

  17. Does the growth of organisations transform the societies?

  18. How effective are digital budget analysis systems?

  19. Factors which cause financial distress in the banking system.

  20. Analysing the performance of the banking sector.

Other Statistical Analysis Topics

  1. Is height of basketball players and their success rate interrelated?

  2. Does involvement in sports yields lower grades to the students?

  3. Is there a stigma in being tall and correct?

  4. What are the reasons for aggressive behaviour in males?

  5. Is there an interrelation between sports and the behaviour of a person?

  6. How does brand endorsement by celebrities impact its success?

  7. How do mobile games impact the students?

  8. Does surfing on mobile help in attaining goals?

  9. What types of shoes do basketball players wear?

  10. What is the relation between payroll and performance of the employee?

  11. What are the differences and similarities between hockey and basketball?

  12. Which one among baseball and football is better?

  13. Does the audience like eating and watching movies at the same time?

  14. History of Cinema.

  15. Reason behind the hype of movie stars?

  16. Why are health checkups significant?

  17. Analysis of health conditions of those with a regular health checkup v those without it?

  18. Do stars shape public preferences?

  19. How are the race and complexions of humans related?

  20. What features make a movie a hit?

  21. How does marketing and advertising impacts potential consumers?

  22. How are high school students impacted by social media?

  23. What type of music do gen Y listen to? 

  24. How do reward programmes improve employee performance?

  25. How is CRM related to consumer loyalty?

  26. Uk retailers and their pricing policies.

  27. How do sales offers change the buying behaviour of consumers?

  28. How does Christmas change the spending behaviour of people?

  29. Comparative study of hit movies of stars in the 90s.

  30. Analysis in growth of population vis a vis growth of per capita income in USA.